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#Book #Review - True You: A Journey to Finding and Loving Yourself by Janet Jackson

True You: A Journey to Finding and Loving YourselfTrue You: A Journey to Finding and Loving Yourself by Janet Jackson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First of all, to clear up the confusion, no, this is not a steamy, scandalous tell-all memoir. But I knew that from the moment Janet Jackson announced she was working on this book. It is a self-help book in which she shares some details of her struggle with self-esteem and her yo-yoing weight. It is a glimpse inside her life that she shares in hopes of helping others who battle the same issues. The content resonated with me causing me to take many notes and highlight and underline some key points. This book is not for everyone, but is extremely helpful to those who need to know they are not alone in their struggles. I especially loved the photos of Janet that are included and the recipes at the end are an added bonus. I do wish the recipes had included photos as well, but all in all, this was a great book. I would definitely recommend it to others.

Adrienne Thompson
Author of Seven Days of Change (A Flash Devotional)

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#WriterWednesday - The Emotional Journey from Inception to #Publishing (With Pictures)

I recently self-published my 18th book!! Hoooooray!!

I was thinking about the torture I seem to involuntarily, but automatically, put myself through with each publishing experience, and I thought I'd share the reality of what it really means to write and publish a book (at least, this is my reality).

Enjoy, and maybe even have a laugh or two at my expense...

1. The Bright Idea

A story idea hits me like lightening and it's a great idea--no, it's the best idea EVER and I can't wait to start writing!!

2. Blissful Creation

This is by far the best phase! I get to create people and spend time with them and make up all kinds of crazy scenarios. It truly is bliss for me!

3. What the $%^#@ did I write?

During this phase, I make the mistake of reading over what I've written, and almost invariably, it sounds like garbage to me. I want to delete it, but then I think about all of those words and how long it took me to write them and I decide to keep them... just in case.

4. The Rebound

During this phase, I regroup, reread, decide it wasn't garbage after all, and get back to writing. Usually a determination to finish the book springs up and propels me forward.

5. Completion Euphoria

I've completed the book, it's been edited, I've unleashed it  on the reading public, and am on cloud nine. I feel invincible! The book is a masterpiece! An instant bestseller!!

6. Crippling Publishing Regret

At this point, I come to full realization that my precious baby is now in the hands of readers... readers who might not like it. And then I decide that I shouldn't have done this... any of this! I shouldn't have written or published a book or worn these shoes or eaten that dip. Nothing I've done is right!!

7. Triumph

I finally receive a review, a glowing review, or a reader sends me an email or message stating how much they loved the book. The book is selling! And now, I can breathe. Maybe this whole publishing thing is worth the trouble after all!!

Can you relate to any of this journey? If so, leave me a comment!

Thanks for dropping by! Until later, be blessed!

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Outside, Inside Cover Reveal

Children's Book (4-8)
Date Published: August 25, 2015

Have you ever felt like all of your friends had forgotten about you?  Have you ever felt left out?  This is exactly what happens to Birdie in Outside, Inside.  When Birdie does not see his friends around, he decides to go out and look for them.  He quickly finds that something strange is going on.  Birdie’s friends are really planning a super fun surprise that gives Birdie a change of heart.  Outside, Inside is a simple story about the joy of friendship and giving.  Using 35 easy words and vivid, colorful characters, this story is enchanting for the youngest of readers.


About the Author

Cindy Helms is a visual artist, author and illustrator known for designing unusual projects. For Cindy, art is created from curious and whimsical combinations of shapes, textures and colors.  In her unique and simple children’s books, Cindy’s art work comes to life in characters that enchant children and adults alike. Cindy lives in the Denver, CO area with two artistic boys and two fat black cats.  She loves road trips, camping and discovering new places.

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#WriterWednesday - Summer 2015 Writing Update

June was a busy, uber productive month for me and I couldn't be happier about it! I finished another piece of the Been So Long series puzzle, a companion novel that chronicles the life of Christina Dandridge, the mother of the main character in the series. The book was not easy to write and at times I wasn't sure if I would ever finish writing it, but I did and I am too thrilled about it!

Here's the blurb:

Born to an interracial couple in Arkansas circa 1960, Christina Dandridge’s life was tumultuous from the start with things only growing worse as the years passed. Wrought with abuse and abandonment, Christina’s life is a journey of ups and downs and trials and triumphs.

This is a companion novel to the Been So Long series, chronicling the life on Mona Lisa’s mother and setting the stage for the dysfunction that plagued the lives of both Mona-Lisa and her sister, Cleo.

Cover reveal coming soon! Release date: 9/1/15.

What else am I working on?

Sedução (Seduction): a prequel to Ain't Nobody which gives you a little insight into how Victor started his very unique career. This story is packed with a little heat and a whole lot of drama. I'm hoping to be finished writing it by the end of July with a projected publication near the end of the year.

- See Me, Too: a sequel to the novel, See Me, which catches the reader up on the goings on in Olivia's, Ben's, Jason's, and a few more old characters' lives while new characters are introduced. Old skeletons have lasting effects on many of the characters and there may be some new secrets revealed.

It's about 30% complete. Hoping to finish it in a month or two.

-Dragonflies (Fantasy YA Novel): Nerdy Nathan Park has a crush on Elleny Foster, so when he finds her in need of some tutoring, he uses the opportunity to get closer to her, but when she gets too close to him, his deepest darkest secret is revealed.  Can Nathan handle being exposed?

I've just scratched the surface of this book. Hope to have it completed in time for publication sometime next year.

I have several other book ideas floating around in my head, but I'm determined to finish these first.

Do you have any summer writing projects or reading challenges you're working on? Comment below and let me know how things are going!

Thanks for dropping by and as always, be blessed...

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"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. 
The second best time is now." 
- Chinese proverb

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