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#WriterWednesday with Author LaTonya Richardson

Today I'm chatting with children's author, LaTonya Richardson. Read her interview and get to know this ray of sunshine!

Photo by Deborah Horn

AT: Where do you live? What’s your town’s claim to fame?
LR: I live in Pine Bluff. My town's claim to fame is the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff... The Golden Lions.

AT: Okay, homegirl! Love me some Golden Lions!! What genre do you write?
LR: I write children's books.

AT: Nice! Are you a published author or aspiring to be published? If published, how many books are out there with your name on them?
LR: I am a published author of three books, only one being available mainstream. My first book, which I'm currently working on reproducing is 'Mama's Got Eyes In The Back of Her Head,' 'Lirocatchamella,' and my recent project 'Going On A Bear Hunt.' 

AT: You've been busy! What inspires you to write?
LR: My surroundings, and children inspire me to write. My grandson is my latest muse. He's curious, and very funny. Children see things differently, and their view of the world provides loads of fun ideas for telling stories. 

AT: That's so true! Name one book you wish you’d written.
LR: One book I wish I'd written... Ummm ... That's a difficult question, and I cannot come up with a really cool, or profound answer.

AT: Lol, no problem. What was the last book you read?
LR: The last book I read is 'Ante Up' by Christina C. Jones.

AT: Oh, I love her! Who is your favorite author? Why?
LR: My favorite author is J. California Cooper. She paints vivid pictures and is super funny.

AT: I'm a fan of her work, too. Now for the fun questions! You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?
LR: If I were a new edition to the crayon box I'd be tangerine bliss. I'm vibrant, energetic, and just the right amount of POP!

AT: I hear you! Keep popping, lol. What would your autobiography be called?
LR: My autobiography would be called Don't Worry, Be Happy.

AT: Sounds like it would be a wonderful read! Do you believe in love at first sight?
LR: Of course I believe in love at first sight! I'm a hopeless romantic.

AT: Me too (sigh). If a genie granted you three wishes, what would they be? (can't ask for more wishes)
LR: Three wishes... 1. I'd like to win the Coretta Scott King Award (I'm actually submitting this year), 2. Win the lottery, for sure! 3. Perfect vision. I have an eye disease that causes my sight to deteriorate.  I've had one cornea transplant, and will soon have another. You don't realize how precious your vision/sight is until it's jeopardized.

AT: Amen! So glad to see you persevering despite it all! Are you spring, summer, fall, or winter? Please share why.
LR: I'm Spring for sure! Spring is refreshing, alive, and bright, just like moi.

AT: Love it! Tea or coffee?
LR: Tea... Southern and syrupy sweet tea.

AT: Yesssss. Tell us about your most recent/current project.
LR: My latest project, 'Going On A Bear Hunt', is children's picture book about an adventure of two young city boys who are bored with county living. They hunt for bear with unconventional means. Amazon 

Image result for going on a bear hunt latonya richardson


"Hey buds. Why such long faces?" Uncle Eddie Ray asked the boys.

"We're bored," Austin said.

"I've kicked the ball all over the yard," Aiden fussed. "And Austin has chased all the squirrels up the trees."

"We've both tried to count the ants marching up the hill in the backyard. Days ago we picked all the flowers off the bush right outside of the kitchen window.”

"I see your problem," Uncle Eddie Ray said. "You guys have done all there is to do in this neck of the woods. Except hunt for bear."

AT: How can readers connect with you?
LR: Readers can connect me; Twitter, & Facebook: @LaRichMedia; Instagram: @LaRichMediaGroup; email

AT: Any final words?
LR: I enjoy reading, and losing myself in a great story. And even more than reading, I enjoy writing a great story. For me writing is as necessary as eating and breathing.

AT: I feel you. I truly do.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

#WriterWednesday with Author Mary McClurkin

Please welcome Mary McClurkin to my blog and get to know this wonderful woman who became an author at 80!

AT: Where do you live? What’s your town’s claim to fame?
MM: I live in Chester, SC. Although Chester is a very small town, many celebrities have their roots here; My nephew, Donnie McClurkin, Phylicia Rashad and Debbie Allen, and Tom Joyner to name a few. Also, Chester County Schools was one of the districts used to document the inequalities in the education of black and white students which led to the landmark Supreme Court Case, Brown versus The Board of Education.

AT: Wow! What genre do you write?
MM: African American Fiction

AT: Are you a published author or aspiring to be published? If published, how many books are out there with your name on them?
MM: I self-published my first book this year. At 80 years old, it was the fulfillment of a life-long dream. 

AT: Wow! Congratulations!! What inspires you to write?
MM: Different things, mainly my life experiences inspire me. I have always written raps before rapping became popular in today’s form, poetry, and short stories. I will experience something or hear about an event or person and an idea will pop in my head and I will start writing. I have so many things written on napkins, paper bags or any form of paper that was around me. I had to put my ideas down on paper. Now, I’m looking through those notes for stories for my next book. 

AT: Yep, you sound like a storyteller to me, lol. Name one book you wish you’d written.
MM: T D Jakes, God’s Leading Lady. 

AT: Putting that one on my list! What was the last book you read? Did you enjoy it?
MM: Lady Preacher by K.T. Richey.  Yes, I loved it. Growing up in the church, I could relate to everything in the book.

AT: Oh, I'll have to check that one out! Who is your favorite author? Why?
MM: I like several authors, Toni Morrison, Terry McMillan, Maya Angelou and K.T. Richey.

AT: Awesome choices! Now for the fun questions! You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?
MM: I would be brown because I love my skin color and I love colorful people.

AT: Yes, it's wonderful to love the skin you're in! What would your autobiography be called?
MM: Not so country: The life and times of a preacher’s daughter.

AT: Love it! you believe in love at first sight?
MM: No. I feel people should be friends first and allow their relationship to grow to a more intimate one. 

AT: If a genie granted you three wishes, what would they be? (can't ask for more wishes)
MM: I would ask for wisdom, knowledge and discernment. So, I can know when people are real with me and to help make the right decisions.

AT: Smart wishes! Are you spring, summer, fall, or winter? Please share why.
MM: Spring. Everything is blooming and the weather is just right. Everything is alive and beautiful in the spring. Flowers blooming, birds chirping and everything is vibrant.

AT: I agree! Tea or coffee?
MM: Coffee. I grew up drinking coffee. I love the smell of the aroma and the strong taste.

AT: Tell us about your most recent/current project.
MM: The Aftermath of Love and War is about a young woman, Ella Mae Williams, who marries a man she has known all her life. Their fantasy life is changed when he enlisted in the military and went to war. He returns home suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and their fairy-tale lifestyle is destroyed. Ella Mae spins a poignant tale of victory and defeat that leads her to becoming aware of what really matters, faith, family and self-preservation.


Bill Anderson was far more important than earrings or makeup or even singing and basketball. He smiled all the time. He was very mature and respectful to his elders. He liked to wear a shirt with a lay back collar so it could be laid outside his sport jacket. His shirt was always very white with no wrinkles. He would unbutton three buttons down from the collar so the hair on his chest would show. He was very hairy. He wore his hair parted on the right side. He kept his hands in his pockets at all times except when he would smoke a cigar or cigarette. One day when he and my brothers were picking peaches, he told my brothers that he was going to marry me. My brother came home and told my mama and I got a whipping because Mama thought that I had to have been seeing him behind her back. She was right. But, it wasn’t the way she thought; the truth didn’t matter. And I was so thrilled when I heard what he said, the beating didn’t matter. I would take a beating for him any day. 

AT: How can readers connect with you?
Twitter: @readmarymac

AT: Any final words?
MM: Follow your heart and dreams. Pray for guidance and understanding. Never give up. Don’t let no one tell you what you can and can’t do.

AT: Yes!!!

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Sons of Ishmael Reintroduction #Blog Tour

Hello. I’m Excited. This is one of my stops during the one month tour for Sons of Ishmael Reintroduction Tour: The Danjuma Brothers by  Unoma Nwankwor.  

This virtual book tour is organized by Write Now Literary Book Tours. This tour runs September 11 – October 5, 2017.  Follow the tour here.  

Book your own tour here WNL      
Genre: Christian Fiction/Romance

About the book

The oldest of the Danjuma brothers, Rasheed was a self-made man. He’d learned at an early age that love and commitment brought with it complications he didn’t want to deal with. His single-minded focus had paid off. He was able to step into the shoes of his absentee father by taking care of his mother and twin brothers. But just when he thought he could stop carrying the weight of his family on his shoulders, he gets a call that could change the trajectory of Rasheed’s life. Ibiso Jaja, a professional caterer, had gambled on the love of a man and lost. Through the redeeming love of God, she had picked herself up and was now living her dream as the owner of Bisso Bites, a bistro in the heart of Abuja. However circumstances conspire to threaten the bistro and bring her face to face with the type of man she has vowed to avoid. The attraction is instant. Once again, Rasheed is forced to do something he has done all his life – put the needs of his family ahead of his own. This time however, he crosses path with the sassy, independent, Jesus-loving caterer who is bent on making him see the power of forgiveness and God’s love. Just when Rasheed lets his guard down, a deadly sabotage causes old demons to rise. Will Rasheed continue to pursue power and success or surrender to the light of God’s love?

Rasheed Danjuma sighed aloud at the sight of another unwanted email from the law
offices of Ezekiel and Stanley. These lawyers were beginning to work his last nerve. He placed his finger over the touchpad of his laptop, directed the cursor to the delete icon and pressed it.It had been six months since Zayd Danjuma, the man that contributed to his genetic makeup had passed away. And his lawyers were still hounding him. Rasheed had thought his non-attendance of the funeral service was a clear indication of his disinterest in anything they had to say about his so-called father.

Determined not to let the email ruin his day, he picked up the receiver and dialed his
assistant’s extension. She picked up at the first ring.

“Yes, Rasheed?”

“Have you heard anything back from those clients in the United States?”

“No, I didn’t,” she said. “But while you were on your conference call, your mother

Rasheed felt a strange rise in his stomach. His mother almost never called him on his office phone unless she wanted to reach him in a hurry. “Did she leave a message?”

“No, she just said to let you know she called.”

“Okay, thank you.” He disconnected the call.

Rasheed walked over to his jacket and pulled out his cell phone. Looking out of the large window of his Hyde Park office, his sense of unease grew. He checked, and there were three missed called from his mother. His voice mail was empty. What was going on? He dialed his mother. She answered on the third ring.

“Mama, you tried to reach me. Is everything okay?”

“Nna, I really don’t know how to answer that.”

His mother used her term of endearment, Nna, for her sons when she wanted to ask for something she knew they didn’t want to give.“What is it?”

“Those lawyers from your father’s estate came to see me today,” she said. “Rasheed, I don’t want those men in my shop or house. I’m asking you again to come home and see what they want.”
Rasheed’s jaw set. How dare those lawyers hound his mother? Why was it so important that he and his brothers attend the stupid will reading? Even though it had been twenty-five years since their father had walked out of their lives, the memory of that morning was still vivid. Their father didn’t care about them in life, so why was he so concerned about their well-being in death? Squaring up against those lawyers himself was one thing, but when they involved his mother, it was totally different. He wouldn’t have it.

“You mean they came to your shop?” Rasheed asked as though he didn’t hear her the first time. Anger shot through his feet as he began to pace the length of his office.

“Yes.” His mother’s voice sounded shaky. “It’s one thing for them to call but to show up,I don’t appreciate it. They almost scared my customers away.”

After his mother had retired as a school administrator, she had decided she couldn’t sit idle. Her love of fashion led to the opening of a boutique in the heart of Abuja’s business district. Within months, the business had flourished. Rasheed had supported her because whatever made his mother happy made him happy, too. After many years of living in pain, she deserved to live her life in peace. They all did.

Rasheed’s mind went back to the email he’d received earlier in the day. Since these
lawyers were playing hardball, it was clear he had no choice but to travel to Nigeria. “If those lawyers call you again, tell them I’ll be there soon.”

His mother’s sigh expressed her relief. “God bless you, my son.”

“It’s okay, Mama. They better make it worth my while. If not, I won’t be held responsible for my actions.”


When cardiac surgeon, Jabir Danjuma met Damisi Odinga at the University of Michigan seven years ago, it wasn’t necessarily love at first sight. With love comes commitment and he knows that’s not a promise he could keep, after all he is his father’s son. However, their attraction can’t be denied. Their ensuing one year romance is passionate and intense, and he begins to feel the forbidden emotion—love. Just as he starts to let his guard down, Damisi breaks up with him and moves half way around the world to Lagos, Nigeria. He knows immediately that the demise of their relationship has something to do with that church she joined. She becomes unrecognizable and wants to change him into something he is not. His studies are the most important thing to him, so he did what any sane man would do, let her go. Popular television personality Damisi Odinga, needs to end the fourth season of her show Becoming Ruth, with a bang. The trending topic in the country is the fairy-tale wedding of the heir to the Danjuma empire. The family has been shrouded in secrecy ever since the unknown sons resurfaced in the country last year. Coverage of the wedding weekend will give her show the boost it needs and seal its number one rating. No one can get an interview with the couple but she had a way in, her ex man, Jabir Danjuma. So what if he broke her heart and she hasn’t been able to get over him? This was kingdom business, right? Years ago, Damisi left him without an explanation and now Jabir has her just where he wants her. Their encounter sets off a series of events that leave them both with fresh pain and hurt. Angry, they leave Abuja to their destinations. If they didn’t set eyes on each other again it would be too soon. But little did they know that fate has another thing planned. Will they stick it out long enough for the Potter to perfect their scars and pain for His purpose or will distance and time steal the day.

Thirty minutes later, Jabir was in the KTN lobby waiting for Damisi. He got curious stares from the receptionist and guard. He didn’t know whether it was because he looked like Kamal—someone they’d recognize—or because Damisi never received male visitors. He hoped it was the latter.
The space was decorated in light colors, and the walls were decorated with paintings or pictures of guests of their shows. He walked to the one the one that had Damisi in it. She was on the set of her show and looked beautiful. She had a microphone in her hand and was smiling. From the picture, he could see she loved what she did. His eyes saddened at what the scandal would do to her career. If they acted fast, she might have a chance of salvaging it, but she was too stubborn, and his approach wasn’t helping either. He had to get her to see reason.

“What are you doing here?” she whispered behind him.

Jabir turned around and marveled at how gorgeous she looked. He smiled inwardly.

“I figured you could use breakfast.” He handed her the smoothie and the box of pastries.

She took it from him slowly, her eyes softening with gratitude. “Thank you, but you shouldn’t be here.”

Jabir frowned. “Why? Expecting someone?”

She grabbed his wrist and tried to pull him to the corner. He resisted at first, but caved when he saw the plea in her eyes. “I really appreciate the breakfast, but I thought you were supposed to be on your way to Badagry. I really don’t need any rumors started.”

He lifted his brow. “Rumors? I’m not doing anything but making sure you’re fed. The baby needs to eat.”

She looked around in shocked horror. “Shhhh. Do you want to say it a little louder?” She rolled her eyes at him and he chuckled. “Jabir, please you can’t be here. In case you forgot, you look like one of the most recognizable Nigerian soccer players. I can’t do the rumor mill now.”

He wanted to dismiss her argument, but he was running late, and she was right. But then he had another idea. “Okay, I’ll leave on one condition.”


“Really.” He smirked.

Some people walked past them and did a double take. Damisi panicked. “What is it?”

“Have dinner with me when I get back.”

Damisi hesitated, then someone she knew walked over to say hello to them. By now, he could see the fury in her eyes. The daggers in them were aimed at him. He raised his eyebrow.

“I can’t believe you. Okay. Go,” she said hurriedly and turned away. He watched her go, but smiled when she walked back his way. “Thank you, and please drive safe.”

Yep. This new approach just might work. There was hope.


Born in Akron, Ohio to Nigerian parents, Unoma Nwankwor is a multi-published author and 2015 winner of the Nigerian Writers’ Award for Best Faith Based Fiction. Her readers are in love with her unique story telling that fuses faith, romance and African spice, capturing the essence of her present home base; Atlanta and her Nigerian culture. She is also the COO ofKevStel Group LLC and resides in Atlanta with her husband and two kids.

connect with the author

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Tour hosted by Write Now Literary

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#WriterWednesday with Author EA Cook

This week's #WriterWednesday interview is with the very interesting EA Cook. Check him out!!

AT: Where do you live? What’s your town’s claim to fame?
EAC: Fort Collins, Colorado.
The Overland Trail runs along the West side of town at the base of the foothills of the Rockies. This was a major route during the western migration of the 19th century. Stage stops can still be found along the way

AT: Oh, wow! What genre do you write?
EAC: I’m a storyteller and my subjects are people, so, it gets messy. I’ve written a Western novel that is, intentionally, a crime fiction ancestor story that precedes the characters in my contemporary books. Another crime fiction story, Rusk, takes place in 1917 and so is historical fiction. I’ve also put together a collection of what I call Autobiographical Snapshots. I truly do write all over the map.

AT: Lol, so do I. I think that's common among true storytellers. Are you a published author or aspiring to be published? If published, how many books are out there with your name on them?
EAC: I’ve had a number of flash fiction pieces and short stories published in a few e-zines and in a pulp fiction paper magazine. I’ve self- published three books, a short story, and my autobiographical stuff.

AT: What inspires you to write?
EAC: I’m not a writer framing stories or books, but rather a storyteller trying to write it down for you. I have tales to tell if you’ll read them. Also, I have an unreasonable and insatiable need for the approval of strangers.

AT: Don't I know the feeling! Name one book you wish you’d written.
EAC: Treasure Island. It would have been darker.

AT: Oh, my...a more adult version, eh? What was the last book you read? Did you enjoy it?
EAC: Full Dark, No Stars – Stephen King.
Top notch. King’s best work is in his shorter writings.

AT: Definitely putting that one on my list...maybe. Who is your favorite author?
EAC: ...nope. I couldn’t begin to go down that rabbit hole.

AT: Lol!!!! Now for the fun questions! You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?
EAC: CrΓ¨me Brule’ Tan.
If one could capture that color of the crispy caramelization then they deserve a color. 

AT: Oh, that would be niiiice! What would your autobiography be called?
EAC: Faces, Places, and Pain.

AT: Sounds intriguing! Do you believe in love at first sight?
EAC: An unexplainable instant chemistry at least. 

AT: I can agree with that. If a genie granted you three wishes, what would they be? (can't ask for more wishes)
1. Life is hard enough and too short not to not know without a shadow of a doubt that God exists, so one wish is that he would speak audibly to me. It’s really the only decent thing to do considering the hours and years that I’ve spent talking to Him audibly. Until then, we’re estranged.
2. That I would be able to feed myself and wipe my own butt until the day that I die.
3. I want to control the time and place when I hear the word no.

AT: I believe there are many people who can identify with those wishes. Are you spring, summer, fall, or winter? Please share why.
EAC: All of the seasons here in Colorado are easy and they each have their charm, but I get grumpy above 85 degrees.

AT: So do I, lol. Tea or coffee?
EAC: Coffee

AT: Tell us about your most recent/current project.
EAC: My newest novella – Further, went live at the end of May!

Go go go and get this book!!! It grabs you tight and never lets go...I couldn't put it down....brilliant!!!!🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
-Michelle Cappel

Purchase Link:

AT: How can readers connect with you?

AT: Any final words?
EAC: Whenever I tell a story I want the reader to be swept away, intrigued. To feel the exhilaration that the protagonist does, to be able to smell and taste the darkness, or to feel the concrete in the back alleys or the wind blowing along forested trail. It’s my hope that the reader had a good ride.

Some folks miss the adventures in this short life and others will die rode hard and put away wet with a smile on their face. I’m writing for both and I hope your experience is like a 14-year-old boy seeing Jeremiah Johnson for the first time.

AT: Love it!

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But My Soul is Black Virtual #Book Tour

Hello. I’m Excited. This is one of my stops during the month tour for But My Soul Is Black by Terrell Williams. This virtual book tour is organized by Write Now Literary Book Tours. This tour runs September 4-29, 2017. Follow the tour here.  Book your own tour here WNL   

ISBN-10: 150069312X
ISBN-13: 978-1500693121
Genre: Fiction/Romance

Terrell Williams began life as the 2nd eldest son of 9 children (4 girls and 5 boys) and was reared in less than affluent circumstances. The second in his immediate family to graduate from college, he went on to marry a wonderful woman, and who eventually became the proud parents of 4 children (3 girls and 1 son who is also his namesake).

Mr. Williams enjoys reading and writing poetry, and he has written several plays that have been performed and were well received in Texas. The idea for his debut novel, But my Soul Is Black, lay dormant for many years until Mr. Williams finally finished the novel upon his retirement, fulfilling his dream of becoming a published author. His romantic tale tackles controversial topics such as interracial relationships, generational differences of conceptual thinking about life and love. This novel seeks to remind the readers of the interconnectedness we share as humans, as well as showing that truly, love transcends all!

But My Soul is Black, takes a candid look at interracial romance and the human experience. The book reveals the cultural misperceptions that harm us, and the love that heals us.

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#WriterWednesday with Shelia Bell

This week's #WriterWednesday interview is with Author Shelia Bell. 
Check it out!!

AT: Where do you live? What’s your town’s claim to fame?
SB: I presently reside in Nashville, home of country music!

AT: What genre do you write?
SB: I write Christian fiction, women’s fiction, and Young adult fiction

AT: Are you a published author or aspiring to be published? If published, how many books are out there with your name on them?
SB: I am a published author with twenty titles to my name, and I am extremely grateful that God blessed me with the talent and gift to write and tell stories!

AT: Amen! What inspires you to write?
SB: I love it. It’s a passion for me. I truly believe that it is a form of ministry. I love to see the characters develop into real life people. I enjoy going back and reading the work that God blessed me to create. It’s an awesome feeling.

AT: I can definitely identify with that feeling. Name one book you wish you’d written.
SB: Ummm, one book I wish I’d written. That’s a tough one, Adrienne. So tough that I can’t name one. I don’t look at other work and say that I wish I had written that particular book. I write what I write and how I write. My writing is unique to me and another author’s work is unique to them. 

AT: So very true. What was the last book you read? Did you enjoy it?
SB: I am a full time editor, so I read constantly, but it’s primarily for editorial purposes. So, I would say the last book that I read and truly enjoyed was Jezebel’s Daughter by Jacquelin Thomas. I also enjoyed reading Every Little Step by Bobby Brown and Journey to Love by Lacricia Angelle. I have read so many others, especially new and upcoming authors, but to be honest, because of poor editing, I wish not to name them.

AT: Oh, my! Well, who is your favorite author? Why?
SB: My favorite author of all time was J. California Cooper. I simply loved her unique, flavorful style of writing. I have not read anyone who can top her even though I have read and enjoyed numerous books by a bevy of authors.

AT: Now for the fun questions! You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?
SB: Adrienne, where do you get these questions? LOL. I would be the color purple.  Purple represents royalty and since I am “God’s Amazing Girl” I can see no other color befitting me more than purple!

AT: Love it! What would your autobiography be called?
SB: That’s easy: The Story of My Life.

AT: Do you believe in love at first sight?
SB: Yes, definitely.  Been there done that.

AT: Hmm, I bet there's a story there! If a genie granted you three wishes, what would they be? (can't ask for more wishes)
SB: Without thinking about it I would say Total Health for me and my family, longevity of life for me and my family, peace for me and my family

AT: Beautiful! Are you spring, summer, fall, or winter? Please share why.
SB: I actually love Winter. I love the cold because I can cozy up inside a blanket and get warm. I love seeing the snow on the ground and in the trees. 

AT: Tea or coffee?
SB: Definitely a tall glass of iced tea with a splash of lemon!

AT: Yummy! Tell us about your most recent/current project.
SB: The McCoys of Holy Rock” was released June 30 of this year. In this sixth installment, readers will learn more about Hezekiah and Fancy McCoy who came on the scene in book V (My Wife My Baby…And Him). This couple has a lot they’re not telling, and when Hezekiah McCoy is voted in as the new Senior Pastor of Holy Rock things began to hit the fan! 

The Real Housewives of Adverse City 2 released on July 31, 2017. It is appropriately named  because it is book II of a new series I started: The Real Housewives of Adverse City. The Real Housewives of Adverse City 2 continues with the tales of the fabulously rich housewives, Eva, Peyton, Meesha  and Avery.  Their stories prove that there are definitely some things that money can’t buy!

AT: Both sound so good! How can readers connect with you (share website and any social media links)
SB: Readers can connect with me on Facebook
Instagram: @sheliaebell 
Twitter: @sheliaebell
Email at

For editorial services vist me on Facebook at WrittenWord Editorial.
My website is

AT: Any final words?
SB: Yes, just a few. I want to thank you for this opportunity, Adrienne to share with others information about my work, my passion, and my dream.  I also want to take this time to tell you that I have enjoyed reading several of your books. You are a gifted writer and I encourage you to keep living your dreams now! Thanks again.

AT: You're most welcome and thank YOU!!

Monday, September 4, 2017

#MondayMotivation #Quote

“Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.”
~ Louis L’amour