Wednesday, May 25, 2016

#BOOK BLAST - Saved by Grace

Genre: Poetry/ Christian/Autobiography
Book Title: Saved By Grace
Author: Natasha C. Pointer

About The Author

Author | Motivational Speaker | Entrepreneur

Born and raised in Fort Myers, FL, Natasha C. Pointer, shares her stories of faith and encouragement through poetry. She serves in ministry at Destiny Life Ministries. Saved by Grace is her first published work and is currently working on her next book Expressions. She is the owner/founder of Mysteri Message-In-A-Bottle.

About The Book

Saved By Grace is an Autobiography told thru poetry about her life, the hardships she faced, but most importantly how she overcame it all through prayer, faith, and steadfastness.

Poetry to touch the lives of others, to inspire someone, to encourage, and to bring joy in someone’s life. This book is filled with great hope for those facing life’s most challenging moments. 

As a storyteller, Natasha shares where she found her greatest strengths through prayer, faith and her steadfastness. 


From the day you were born,
you were a blessing.
You were a comfort and
inspiration to those around you.
You suffered enormous tragedies
and faced many challenges.
You suffered a great deal
and life as you saw it was over.
Each day seemed like an eternity—
every moment seemed everlasting.
You went in with your eyes closed,
but came out with them wide open.
You fell to your knees and asked,
why, why me?
Not realizing that your trials
would prepare you for your future.
Not knowing you were a blessed child
and you were called for a purpose.
Many obstacles came your way
and the enemy tried to bring you down.
He never wanted you to succeed,
let alone see the light of day.
Your cries reached up to God.
He said, You are my child.
No matter where you go,
I will be with you.
You are blessed.
Blessed you shall be,
and blessed you shall continue to be;
not only to yourself, but to others.

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#Book Spotlight - Jasmine's Triumph by A. W. Myrie

Today I'm spotlighting a book by a phenomenal author. Jasmine's Triumph is book 3 in her Second Chances Series. You don't want to miss out on this one!!

Genre: Inspirational/Christian Fiction and Romance
Release Date: February 25, 2016


If only you knew the damage you’ve caused. No, let me rephrase that. If only you cared about the emotional, mental, and physical damage you’ve caused me... maybe, just maybe I would think you were human. But when I look at how you treat her, cater to her, love her… I can’t help but think that maybe I’m the one that’s less than human. The abuse is unbearable and yet I still yearn for you to love me, because it tells me I’m worth something… though I fear you. 


I’m sorry. I’m sorry because as much as you long to love me, all of me, flaws and all, I don’t know how to allow it. I’m torn… because as much as I want your protection and unconditional love, I feel worthless. But don't give up on me. Maybe your love will be the very thing that helps me overcome fear. Maybe you can give me hope... for something real... 


I need you. As much as I know that, only You can give me the love I truly desire. Forgive me but, I don’t know how to seek you. When I see the relationships my friends have with you, I long for it. I need help! I’m tired of the abuse; I’m tired of wanting a love that doesn’t seem to exist. Please God, help me win this war. I need this fear to be taken away and replaced with hope, because I know, only then will I overcome this war… 


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Virtual #Book Tour - The Proving

YA Sci-Fi
Date Published: 1/5/2016

It's been 133 years since the Specters invaded Earth. Like ghosts they haunt the planet, devouring anyone foolish enough to venture outside the last remaining protected cities. For some, venturing out isn't a choice--it's a necessary evil to prove yourself to your clan as you come of age.

But when a team of ambitious youth—New Adults—undertakes a mission deep in Specter territory, they discover a terrible secret. Everything they've learned may be wrong ... and Earth is in grave danger.


Skye took a deep breath, held it, then forced it out quickly between her pursed lips. The loud whistle seemed ear-splitting, jolting her nerves — too late to change her mind now, she twisted her body, her boots digging into the gravel as she fell back and faced the farming contraptions. She lifted her rifle, seeing the Specter’s strange glow change, move, and then without warning its crocodile face emerged from the body of the large machine. Its mouth opened. Cleo fell back, screaming. A claw phased through, reaching out for Skye.

She fired her rifle. The blue proton bullet tore through the creature’s arm, sending yellow sparks fluttering like butterflies into the air. The Specter’s mouth opened wide, revealing sharp, finger-length teeth, so close that Skye could see their serrated edges.

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About the Author:

The Proving is Ken Brosky’s newest YA sci-fi adventure. His first series, The Grimm Chronicles, ran from 2012-2014 and is available on Kindle. Ken received his MFA in writing from the University of Nebraska-Omaha.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

#Book Spotlight - Mattie's Call by Stacy Campbell

Check out this new release by one of my favorite authors, Stacy Campbell. I promise this read will be a good one!!

Genre: African American Fiction/Women's Fiction
Publisher: Strebor Books
Release Date: April 19, 2016

When their mother goes missing from her nursing home, three estranged siblings must fulfill the requests left in her will before they can find closure—or receive their inheritance.

Mattie Benson feels trapped in Grand Oak Acres Nursing Home. Abandoned by her adult children and missing her deceased husband, she takes matters into her own hands and leaves the facility. A Mattie’s Call is issued, and soon, the siblings learn things about their mother they never knew—namely, her ability to bring them together through the conditions of her will.

Gabrielle, the eldest daughter, must stop living life on her looks, get a job, and move out of the family home. This feat proves difficult for a forty-nine-year-old woman accustomed to the generosity of wealthy men.

Joshua, the runaway groom, must reconnect with the son he never knew existed. He isn’t against the idea, but facing the only love of his life proves more difficult than he anticipated.

Alice, Mattie’s baby girl, has been trapped in a loveless marriage for years. The stipulation that she complete her college degree scares her more than climbing a mountain, but an unforgivable moment with her husband proves she must move forward with her life.

Stumbling and ultimately rising to the challenge, the siblings get to know one other as their parents’ legacy mends old wounds and paves the way for new beginnings.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Virtual #Book Tour - An Ember in Time, by Anna M. Aquino


 Genre: Christian Fiction 
Book Release Date: (March 30, 2016)
Publisher: eLectio Publishing  
ISBN-10: 1632132265 
ISBN-13: 978-1632132260  

About The Author


Anna M. Aquino is a super fabulous woman of God, wife, and ninja mom of two daughters. As a writer, guest minister, and host of an online interview show, Anna’s passion is to encourage others to fulfill their own destinies. Often referred to as a preacher and a comedian rolled into one, she believes laughter is one of the best ways to get people to think. She is the author of many works including Cursing the Church or Helping it? and Confessions of a Ninja Mom. Her first fiction book An Ember In Time is now on the market. She has been interviewed on places such as TBN and the Gospel Channel. She and her family do travel for ministry, Anna is based out of Central Ohio.


About The Book

Pastor Jon Stevens has grown weary trying to argue with his church over every little thing. His passion in life has felt as if it has fizzled in front of him. He is caught in a downward spiral. He would rather keep his feelings on a shelf and just visit them on occasion as he needed to. He keeps a plastic smile on his face. Sometimes he imagines himself as a used car salesmen. He throws on a cheap suit every Sunday. He trying desperately to peddle the same God that everyone in his town seems to know about and has heard of before, and where does it get him? He knows his attitude is wrong. But if he walked down to Charley’s Auto Bonanza and got a job; at least he would be making commission. However, that is when God steps in. God sends Sergio a time traveling angel to give him the opportunity to experience any time in Biblical History with the stipulation that he not interact with anyone. He goes back to watch David kill Goliath. Due to a chance encounter on the road with a very young Bathsheba carrying a basket of flowers, Jon makes his crucial mistake. He has to fix the past before it unravels the future. Little does Jon know that God has sent him on the mission to prepare him for his future. An Ember In Time is an excellent read for anyone who loves a first-rate adventure.

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What Others Are Saying

“Anna Aquino’s uniquely anointed and creative writing is evident in this book, “An Ember in Time”. Guided by the Holy Spirit and given the hand of the ready writer, it will grasp your attention from start to finish! These pages are filled with her experiences and inspired imagination for the first in a series of great adventures.” --Hank and Brenda Kunneman Senior Pastors of Lord of Hosts Church & Founders of One Voice Ministries

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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Virtual #Book Tour - ReUnited, A Gift from God

Madlyn E. Marshall

Madlyn Marshall is the Founder of G.R.A.C.E. Financial Ministry Inc. G.R.A C.E is an acronym for “God’s Resources Advancing Christian Evangelism” a biblically based financial management and budgeting ministry. Madlyn is also conducts workshops writing all the material used in the workshops as well as during one on one consulting sessions.

Madlyn has also written several short stories and poems. It is in this genre where Madlyn has the opportunity to share the creative side of her writing. Madlyn has a vivid imagination and a unique way of bringing the stories and characters she writes about to life with descriptive images.
The Window of the Heart series is a collection of small fictional stories that explore the depth of God’s love and His capacity to restore that which was lost, albeit relationships, a renewed sense of oneself, or joy that had been buried under the weight of life’s challenges. In these stories, you will laugh, cry, and paused to think about your own challenges and I hope come away with a renewed spirit and a stronger faith.

In the first of the three book series, ReUnited – A Gift from God; the characters struggle with their faith in God, and the pain from their past. Can they truly forgive? Can they trust God and allow Him to heal their brokenness? Tony and Elaine have the opportunity to answer these questions and more because they are thrown together in an unlikely place, on top of a mountain in Alberta, Canada. There is no place for either of them to go, so they are force to face their fears and their past lives together.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

3 Reasons Why You Won't Promote Your Book - #WW

I was just sitting here thinking about a social media friend of mine. She's a great person, and I enjoy reading her posts, but I was shocked to recently discover after years of being acquainted with her that she has written and published a book and did so a couple of years ago.

I had no idea.

I have never seen her post about the book, or share about her writing process, or absolutely anything writing or book related at all, and I was shocked!

I literally just happened to stumble upon the information myself and this made me wonder why.

Why would a person go through the trouble of writing and publishing a book (and all that happens in between) and not promote it?

I thought about it for a while, and I believe I havc the answer--or three answers, actually, why people, including you, don't promote their books. Here they are:

1. You think people won't like your book.

Well, let me put your mind at ease on this one.

There will absolutely be people who will not like your book.

As a matter of fact, the more popular your book is, the more likely it is to land in the hands of someone who doesn't like it.

And that's okay, because I can also assure you that there will be people who love it.

Remember, opinions are subjective. Just because a person dislikes a book doesn't mean it is not good. It simply means they didn't like it, not the whole world. Conversely, if someone loves a book, it doesn't mean it's the best book ever written... but it might be.

The thing to understand is, you will never know if you don't give people an opportunity to read it. What I mean by that is they can't read it if they don't even know it exists. And it's up to you to make sure they know it does.

Side note: Be sure you produce a book you can be proud to share; ie: choose a good, professional-looking cover and have your book properly edited and formatted so that you can share it with confidence.

2. You don't think you have the time to promote it.

This may very well be true if, like me when I first started out, you are working full time and have family or other obligations. My solution for you is this:

Make time.

I know, I know, that seems harsh and impossible, but it's not. Grab a calendar and mark down certain days and times of the day to promote. Use social media schedulers like Hootsuite to assist you with scheduling posts across social media platforms. If you have to, get up early or stay up late to get it done.

But do get it done.

A lot of people rely on word of mouth to sell their books, but if you aren't willing to spread the word yourself, how and why would you expect anyone else to?

3. You don't believe you should have to promote your book.

This train of thought most often stems from observing someone else who is successful and barely promotes their work. And for some people, it is true that they don't have to put much effort into promoting their work, This is most likely because they are established and have made a name for themselves. Or maybe they are just blessed enough to have a great readership that is excellent at spreading the word for them. Whichever the case, remember that everyone's journey is different. Don't expect to have the same exact experience as the next author. Commit to your book and yourself, and be willing to do what needs to be done to get your book in front of readers.

On the other hand, you might believe your book is so good it'll sell itself. Well, that is nearly impossible for most of us, and totally impossible if readers don't even know you wrote a book in the first place.

You have got to be willing to share your work if you want it to be read. And isn't that what writers want more than anything? I know it's what I've always wanted.

Well, that's all I have for today. Until later, be blessed, and check out my books via the links below!!

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Monday, May 2, 2016

#Book Spotlight and #Giveaway - Wild Whispers by Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku

~ A Flirty & Feisty Romance Novel ~

Scarred but not broken, beautiful Adaora Dike made a tough choice early in life and she had no regret until she lost everyone and everything without warning. She finds comfort in a quiet home in the woods, deep in Dagor Village. Out there, Adaora discovers nature and animals do not condemn, only people do. One rainy night, a male shadow dashes across her yard, her heart flips over and she faces emotional chaos.

 While on a field trip in Africa, handsome photographer, Gary Mason gets stranded in the woods. He finds an abandoned shelter occupied by a lonely but lovely woman he cannot not get out of his head. This is one photography shoot he wants to forget, but Adaora has a firm grip on his heart and might change his life forever.

Through many Wild Whispers, will Adaora and Gary change each other or will fate intervene to keep them apart?

~ From the Author of Red Velvet Rose ~

Release Day is Tuesday April 26th 2016.
Genre: Romance/Contemporary/Interracial
No of Pages: 106
ISBN: 978-1530511259

Purchase Links:

“How did you get that bruise, Gary?” Adaora went to the kitchen cupboard and got out a tub of petroleum jelly while struggling to purge out the framed photo of his ribbed abdomen from her mind.

“A few of us made a dash for the bushes before they got to us. I tumbled down the rough ground a few times. We’d been trekking for hours avoiding the main road. Someone led us not too far from your house as we all went in different directions. As this bungalow seemed out of the way and bathed in darkness, I thought it was someone’s holiday home and I could borrow it to stay for the night. I didn’t know an angel was waiting to allow me in and to feed me.”

“An angel?” Adaora queried with a small smile. Jitters ripped through her chest.

“I’m human, Gary. Forgotten, yes. Abandoned, yes, but human. If anyone appears like an angel, it would be you. Here, let me apply petroleum jelly to your bruises. It would take away the sting and promote healing.”

About the Author:

Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku is a fun loving mother of two teenagers, married to her gorgeous husband and best friend who indulges her romantic habits. Writing contemporary and historical romance novels is an exciting adventure for her. Out of curiosity and belief that love conquers all, she has written several Interracial & Multicultural Romance Novels.

In 2010, Stella created Flirty & Feisty Romance Novels, a collection of toe-curling, intriguing, and skin-tingling romance with compelling characters who have heart and soul and jump off the pages of the book. All her stories are dotted with twists and turns and are set in fascinating Africa, enticing Europe & enchanting America.

To experience and enjoy an intense emotional ride, pick up a copy of any of her novels: Loitering Shadows, Beyond the Lady, The Gardener's Ice Maiden, Sparkling Dawn, Husband to Rent, Stolen Valentine Kiss (Holiday Series #1), Kiss My Lips (Holiday Series #2), Forbidden Dance, Stolen Valentine Kiss & Kiss My Lips (Holiday Series 2~ Books ~ in ~ 1), Tempting Desire, Seduced Hearts, Red Velvet Rose and Wild Whispers. Stella's first historical/suspense/mystery romance, Royal Cowries (Cowries Series #1) will give you an insight into a different Africa.

A luxury home by the seaside is on Stella's wish list. In her spare time, she loves to swim on her back like a starfish, watch TV, go to the movies with her family and read romance novels.


Wild Whispers Blog Tour begins on Mon, April 25th - Thurs May 26th 2016 
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