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#Book Spotlight - It's Never Too Late For Love (Golden Years Series Book 1) #WW

Today I am sharing a book from an author whose work I truly enjoy reading. Her romances are always sweet with a touch of heat, and this one is no exception. In It's Never Too Late For Love (Golden Years Series Book 1), Author W Parks Brigham explores mature love with taste and plenty of drama. Check it out!!

Delana Crawford was livid with her twin brother’s news. She couldn’t believe after thirty plus years as a widower, he was in love and planned to get married. At fifty-eight years old, please! There was nothing wrong with having a friend and companionship, but marriage? She just didn’t understand. Why, after all this time? 

Yes, that was how she felt until the wedding and she bumped into a gorgeous, sexy gentleman by the name of Charles Johnson. Fine syrupy brown, six-feet plus, mingled gray, HUNK with a firm handshake and a smooth baritone voice. 

After meeting the savvy handsome Charles Johnson, sister girl is now singing a different song. 
But why is she being so hard-nosed and difficult at fifty-eight years old? Somebody please tell me?

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An #Interview with W Frank Mooney, Author of Cover

Greetings, everyone!! Let's get to know Author W Frank Mooney!!

Who is your hero?
My father. He was the foundation of my manhood, how I learned how to take care of my family, treat my wife, all of that.

Aww, that's sweet! If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
Probably on the east coast. I hate heat. I hate mosquitoes. I like nice clothes, and it’s difficult to be fashion-ready in high heat and high humidity.

I'm not a big fan of the heat here in the south, either, lol. What would you change about yourself if you could?
I would change my lack of trust in others. I usually don’t trust anyone to do anything; I’d rather do it myself. This becomes problematic because I get overwhelmed and hinder my own progress.

I have that issue, too. What really makes you angry?
Impatience. If you’re patient and assess the situation, a lot of unnecessary faults can be prevented.

I agree! What motivates you to work hard?
My family

Excellent motivation. :) What makes you laugh the most?
People. Watching people in their respective elements. It’s amazing how we deny our own predictability and human nature all while simultaneously fulfilling them.

What was the last movie you went to? What did you think?
Straight Outta Compton. I liked it. The film humanized the group and instead of making them a caricature or ignorant.

I really enjoyed that movie, too. Would you rather ride a bike, ride a horse, or drive a car?
Drive a car

What would you sing at Karaoke night?
Careless Whisper by George Michael, with an accompanying Schmoney Dance.

What two radio stations do you listen to in the car the most?
Power 92 Jams (Hip-Hop/R&B), but usually I just listen to various Pandora stations on my phone.

Which would you rather do: wash dishes, mow the lawn, clean the bathroom, or vacuum the house?
Mow the lawn

Tell us about your book.

What if good and evil existed for one another? What happens when people decide to take salvation into their own hands? What if Judas was all a part of the plan? Strange things are happening and all roads lead to a local cult by the name of Saints of Iscariot. The city of Little Rock, Arkansas, is under silent attack as Detective James Gilliam returns home for an unexpected turn of events. 

In an effort to save a city along with his own sanity, he finds that even the best intentions still fall short of their mark.

The girl paced steadily toward her destiny as her eyes welled with tears.  She moved through the crowd, focusing on the main stage with purpose behind each step.  The clarity of her duty toward her brothers and sisters in the great struggle for redemption and those who were not aware of their transgressions helped guide her decision.  Thoughts of her family flooded her conscious. They would have to understand. This was the will of God.

Through a crowd of careless patrons, she felt like she was walking into a slaughter.  She wore an orange sundress that accented her beautiful, sandy brown hair which reflected the final evidence of sunlight. Her breaths became more shortened as the distance between her current place and her destiny closed.  In her right hand was a silver blade that she held under her prayer beads. Her flip flops sounded off each time her foot left the ground.  She was almost there.

Climbing on the stage was the scariest part of the ordeal for her.  While the security guards were not looking, she snuck to the steps on the side of the stage.  With each step, her legs became heavier and her stomach began to turn flips as she thought about the task staring her in the face.  There was no turning back.  As she made her way to center stage, the crowd cheered loudly.  All of the voices directed toward her eased her mind. The people were ready to be exposed to an experience they would never forget.  In her mind, they were motivating her to become what they needed.  She raised her hand in authority to hush the chaos.

“Thus said the Lord,” she shouted in a strong voice, “present your body as a living sacrifice.”  The security officers did not know if this was a part of the show.  They waited.

With that single proclamation, she touched the cross on her back.  It was completely healed.  She’d finally reached redemption.  A tear slowly formed and drifted down her bronze cheek.  After a final prayer, she raised the blade to her throat.

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More about W Frank Mooney:
From the city of Pine Bluff in the great state of Arkansas, W. Frank Mooney is nothing more than an average man ready to share his gift with the world. At the age of 13, he began to write poetry to express his emotions. Dreams and a runaway imagination eventually prompted him to finally put pen to paper. Encouragement from multiple junior high, high school, and college educators further supported his desire to follow a career in writing.

His influences range from authors such as John Grisham and Tom Clancy to hip hop artists like Nas and Lupe Fiasco. No prejudice is held against any form of inspiration for his work. A mix of classic romanticism with contemporary settings, W. Frank Mooney allows the fruit of his passion to speak for itself.

Connect with him via: 
Twitter: @WFrankMooney
Instagram: @WFrankMooney
YouTube: W. Frank Mooney
Facebook: W. Frank Mooney, Author

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#Book Tour and #Giveaway - Virtuous Deception 2: Playing For Keeps

“A riveting tale of secrets and seduction. Leiann B. Wrytes is an author to watch!” –N’Tyse,
national bestselling author of Twisted Seduction.


Hurt... Lust... Revenge...

Teetering along the edge of hopelessness, Michelle's grasp on reality is rapidly thinning as her world collapses. When infidelity strikes her last safe place, the effects of the betrayal are brutal, pitting Michelle against everyone and everything she loves.

Sophie Lewis is in the midst of building a relationship with her estranged daughter, Brianna, when an old love returns, bringing a consortium of hurts along with him.

After narrowly escaping death at the hands of her ex-lover, Javan, Brianna views life in a completely different light. Struggling to recapture the peace she once enjoyed, Brianna seeks comfort in all the wrong places. Desperation permits the unthinkable as she finds herself on the wrong end of a love story.

They each learn that even a lie is stitched with a pocket of truth as their lives continue to unravel and twist in ways they never imagined; cementing in their minds, above all else, that life isn't a game you venture to play...unless you're playing for keeps.

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About the Author:

Leiann is very active on social media.
Reach her on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook: @leiannbwrytes, via email, or through her website

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#Book Tour and #Giveaway - I Want You Back

Hey, everyone!! Today's guest is Author Chicki Brown, who is sharing her new release, I Want You Back, with us!! Check it out and be sure to comment below for your chance to win a FREE Kindle copy of the book!!!

Nick Stafford is the youngest in his family. He's recently graduated from medical school and finished his internship. Everything was going well for him until Cherilyn, his girlfriend of two years, starts hinting about marriage. The thought of adding more responsibility to the pressure he is already facing getting ready to take the last of his board exams and the nearly quarter of a million dollars in student loan debt already hanging over his head is too much. He breaks off their relationship.

Eight months later, he runs into Cherilyn at an event on the arm of another doctor, and she's wearing an engagement ring. Seeing her with another man stirs up a jealousy like he's never experienced before. 

Now all Nick can think of is how he can get her back


Nick had the distinct feeling he was in for a fight. One of the things he loved about her was that she had never been a doormat. She wasn’t going to make this easy for him. On top of that, when the word got around about what happened at the wedding, his name, as insignificant as it was, was going to be mud in the Atlanta medical community. So many of his father’s and his brothers’ colleagues were sitting in the salon at The Estate this afternoon. It was just a matter of time before the rumor mill started churning.

After they finished dinner, he helped Cherilyn clean up. She kissed him goodbye before he left. “Call me if you want to see me again.”

“Stop it, Cher. Don’t play like that.” He kissed her lips, which tasted like powdered sugar and cream from the cannoli and left with thoughts of where he would take her on their date. He shook his head as the word echoed through it while he drove back to his apartment. She was right, not since they had first met would he consider what they did as dating. The first few times, he’d taken her out to dinner and a movie or they visited one of the popular clubs in Buckhead. What they had was a relationship, one that was more like a marriage than he cared to admit.
His phone rang, and his father’s cell number appeared on the digital dash display. It was pointless to ignore it. Victor Stafford Sr. was like a dog with a bone. Nick groaned and hit the button to answer.

“Hey, Daddy. Can I call you back? I’m driving right now.”

“Don’t BS me, boy. Your car has Bluetooth. I bought it, remember?”

Nick sighed. “Right. What’s up?”

“Where are you right now?”

“On I-20 on my way home.”

“Your mother and I want you to swing by here first.”

“Is it important? I have to get up early tomorrow.”

“What do you mean, is it important?” His voice rose. “We’ll be waiting for you.” The line went dead, and Nick beat his fist on the steering wheel. He’d expected this, but not so soon. The best way to handle it was to just get it over with, so he took the next exit for I-285 and headed for Cascade Road.

And so it begins. I’m being called on the carpet.

His mother and father were sitting in the family room when he arrived at the house and let himself in. “Have a seat, son.” His father looked perturbed. “I guess it’s pointless to ask if it’s true, since your mother has already received two phone calls from friends who were at the wedding.

“This is my business, Daddy. It’s between Cher and me. I may be your youngest, but I’m not a damn kid. Why are you calling me on the carpet like I’m sixteen?”

“Nicholas, don’t ever speak to your father like that!” his mother interrupted before his father had a chance to explode. “You and Cherilyn haven’t been together for nearly a year. Why would you break up her wedding?”

“Because he doesn’t have a bit of sense,” the elder man sputtered.

“Victor, let him answer.” She turned back to Nick and waited for a response with a shadow of disappointment in her eyes.

“I didn’t break up the wedding. I just went to speak to her before the ceremony.”

“Couldn’t you have come up with a better way? Showing up at the wedding was so crass. We raised you better than that.” 

“Nobody saw me except Cher, her mother and one of the bridesmaids. I’m sorry I’ve embarrassed you, but I never stopped loving Cher. She wouldn’t respond to any effort I made to get in touch with her. I had to get her to see what a big mistake she was making. What else could I do, Mama?”

“You could’ve told me. Cherilyn and I had such a good relationship; I could have talked to her and told her how you were feeling. Why are you so convinced it would’ve been a mistake?”

“She called off the wedding, didn’t she? If she loved him, she would’ve gone through with the wedding as soon as I left.”

They responded with raised eyebrows. “But this doesn’t make sense. You told us that you two broke up because she felt you were getting too serious.”

Nick hung his head and mumbled, “I lied.”

“What?” His father’s voice rose again. “Why?”

“I knew you and Mama would think I was a fool for breaking up with her. Cher wanted to get married. With doing my residency, studying for step three of the boards and…”

“The idea scared you,” his mother finished the sentence.

“Yes, ma’am. It scared me to death. I tried to explain that to Cher, but she wasn’t hearing it.”

She leaned in, folded her hands and pinned him with her gaze. “There was more to it, wasn’t there, Nicholas?”

He chewed on his bottom lip. “There was. She felt that I’d started to take advantage of her.”

“Did you?”

“Mama, it didn’t feel like that to me. I loved being at her apartment and having her cook for me. Since she has her own washer and dryer, I’d do my laundry there. It was just more convenient. The ones in my building work when they feel like it and…” Her questioning gaze stopped him.

“Yeah, I did.”

His father was strangely silent as he listened to the discourse between mother and son.

“Now that she’s broken her engagement for you, it’s time for you to step up, as you boys always say.”

Nick snickered. “She told me our relationship has new rules now. I have to date her like I was supposed to.”

“Good for her. I realize you’re from a different generation. You have different ideas about things, Nicholas, but we taught you to respect women.”

His father finally spoke. “Cherilyn is a great girl, and it’s clear that she loves you. If you love her, marry her, son. Don’t make her regret what she did to Derrick today.”

“Daddy, you know I don’t have the money for a wedding now.”

“Maybe she doesn’t want a big wedding. Maybe she just wants to be married to you. You need to find out.”

“Since when has one of my brothers gotten married without you giving them a reception that rivaled Barack’s inaugural ball?”

“Greg and Rhani did,” his mother answered.

“And it took you months to get over it.”

“I don’t deny that, but we gave them a fabulous party a few weeks later. We’d do the same for you and Cherilyn. Isn’t that right, Victor?” She sent him a piercing glance.

“That’s right,” his father answered without hesitation. He knew he’d be in the doghouse for months if he denied Lillian Stafford an opportunity to plan a celebration.

“You’d do that after I’ve caused a scandal?”

She covered his hand with hers. “Don’t be silly. You’re our son. After Marc married and divorced a Las Vegas showgirl, Charles got himself kidnapped and Greg got arrested for indecent exposure, nothing you boys do can embarrass me anymore.”

“And I’m the baby.” Nick stood wearing a stupid grin. “I’m sorry about the way this happened. I need some time to think about everything, and I have to see how Cher feels about it.”

“Don’t rush into a decision. Make sure it’s what you both want.”

“I will, Mama. It might take a while, but I’ll let you know what we decide.”

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About the Author:

Contemporary women’s fiction/romance author Chicki Brown has been featured twice in USAToday. She was the 2014 B.R.A.B. (Building Relationships Around Books) Inspirational Fiction Author and also the 2011 SORMAG (Shades of Romance Magazine) Author of the Year. Chicki was also a contributing author to the Gumbo for the Soul: Men of Honor (Special Cancer Awareness Edition). 

A transplanted New Jersey native who lives in Atlanta, Georgia, Brown still misses the Jersey shore, the pizza and the hot dogs.

Nia Forrester, Beverly Jenkins, Iris Bolling, Lisa Kleypas, and J.R. Ward are among her favorite authors.

Online contacts:
Amazon Central Author Page: 

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#WriterWednesday - Greatness #poetry


Is it wrong to see greatness in myself?
To know that a power rests in my soul?
Is it wrong to desire to be nothing less than a queen who sits upon a throne?
Is it wrong to hold my head up high, to know my worth, to understand the what, when, and why?
To fully know who I am and whose I am?
Is it wrong to think and contemplate, to ponder and hypothesize?
Should I pretend to be less?
Should I shrink and fade away?
Or should I open my mouth, share my thoughts, and put my greatness on display?

For more poetry, be sure to purchase a copy of my poetry book, Poetry from the Soul... for the Soul. eBook formats are currently on sale for 99 cents!!