Wednesday, April 27, 2016

#Book Spotlight - It's Never Too Late For Love (Golden Years Series Book 1) #WW

Today I am sharing a book from an author whose work I truly enjoy reading. Her romances are always sweet with a touch of heat, and this one is no exception. In It's Never Too Late For Love (Golden Years Series Book 1), Author W Parks Brigham explores mature love with taste and plenty of drama. Check it out!!

Delana Crawford was livid with her twin brother’s news. She couldn’t believe after thirty plus years as a widower, he was in love and planned to get married. At fifty-eight years old, please! There was nothing wrong with having a friend and companionship, but marriage? She just didn’t understand. Why, after all this time? 

Yes, that was how she felt until the wedding and she bumped into a gorgeous, sexy gentleman by the name of Charles Johnson. Fine syrupy brown, six-feet plus, mingled gray, HUNK with a firm handshake and a smooth baritone voice. 

After meeting the savvy handsome Charles Johnson, sister girl is now singing a different song. 
But why is she being so hard-nosed and difficult at fifty-eight years old? Somebody please tell me?

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  1. Thanks Adrienne for giving me a spot on your blog. Grinning hard and sending much love to ya!