Tuesday, April 19, 2016

#Book Tour and #Giveaway - Virtuous Deception 2: Playing For Keeps

“A riveting tale of secrets and seduction. Leiann B. Wrytes is an author to watch!” –N’Tyse,
national bestselling author of Twisted Seduction.


Hurt... Lust... Revenge...

Teetering along the edge of hopelessness, Michelle's grasp on reality is rapidly thinning as her world collapses. When infidelity strikes her last safe place, the effects of the betrayal are brutal, pitting Michelle against everyone and everything she loves.

Sophie Lewis is in the midst of building a relationship with her estranged daughter, Brianna, when an old love returns, bringing a consortium of hurts along with him.

After narrowly escaping death at the hands of her ex-lover, Javan, Brianna views life in a completely different light. Struggling to recapture the peace she once enjoyed, Brianna seeks comfort in all the wrong places. Desperation permits the unthinkable as she finds herself on the wrong end of a love story.

They each learn that even a lie is stitched with a pocket of truth as their lives continue to unravel and twist in ways they never imagined; cementing in their minds, above all else, that life isn't a game you venture to play...unless you're playing for keeps.

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Kindle (Read for FREE via Kindle Unlimited): http://amzn.com/B01C2YB5IC 

About the Author:

Leiann is very active on social media.
Reach her on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook: @leiannbwrytes, via email leiannbwrytes@gmail.com, or through her website www.leiannbwrytes.com.

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