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10 Things About The Bennu Project #scifi #postapocalyptic

Hello! This is one of my tour stops during my two week book tour for The Bennu Project by Tyrone Givens. This virtual book tour is organized by Write Now Literary Book Tours. This tour runs November 23-December 6, 2017.  Follow the tour here.  Book your own tour here WNL

ISBN-10: 1620309580
ISBN-13: 978-1620309582
Genre: Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi

About The Book
On a dangerous run to scavenge supplies from a remote excavation site in the Meza Ruins, Azubuike and his friends encounter a unique piece of technology left by their ancestors. Once exposed to the device, Azubuike’s reality is altered in ways that could unravel his mind. The team has no way of knowing the danger—or benefit—posed by this ancient technology which triggered a series of events forever changing Azubuike and his friends. Has he unlocked the secret to end the alien occupation of his world or will this device result in the extinction of his people?

The Bennu Project is a genre-defying novel with the suspense of mystery, metaphors of science fiction and accuracy of historical relevance depicting the rise-and-fall of several Nile Valley civilizations.

10 Things about The Bennu Project

Lots of research on historical African civilizations went into crafting The Bennu Project. Although I drew distinct lines between my research and the plot of the book, these ten subtleties are often overlooked:

1. Roha Taharqa is named after the last true Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. 
2. The Bennu Project is not set in Ancient Egypt, but rather at KSH near Ancient Sudan. 
3. The Kandake character is similar to the real-life heroine Queen Nzinga of Angola. 
4. Most of the names of vehicles or weapons in The Bennu Project are mythological creatures derived from stories all over Africa. 
5. The personalities of some of the main characters are modeled after my children. 
6. The time era for this book is equivalent to the 1960s to 1980s; depending on the country in which the event occurs. 
7. The Bennu Project draws parallels with real-world events in several countries; with each country having its own corresponding planet. 
8. Most of the characters’ names came from various African dialects intended to correspond to that character, their motivations and behaviors. 
9. A significant event happens to one of the protagonists in Chapters 11 and 12. I often encourage my readers to reread that scene to fully grasp the message conveyed. 
10. I had initially intended to write three books in this series. However, by the time I completed The Bennu Project (the first book in the series); the epilogue led to a prequel trilogy in which some plots and characters will be explained in more depth. 

About The Author
Fed up with the stereotypical caricatures used to falsely portray the Black culture, Tyrone Givens is committed to creating heroes and heroines as positive images for our children. To reverse the less-than-flattering qualities that diminish self-esteem, self-worth and cultural value, this master storyteller entertains readers with science fiction plots infused with historical facts often omitted from school curriculums.

Givens, a homeschool educator whose high school-aged children are attending college, is a multi-lingual, federally-licensed airplane pilot. The Bennu Project is the culmination of his passions: empowering Black children, accurate depiction of our history and rebuilding our community.

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InstaGram: @thebennuproject

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#WriterWednesday with Author RJ Joseph

Today's author interview is with Author/Professor RJ Joseph. 
Let's get to know her!!

AT: Where do you live? What’s your town’s claim to fame?
RJJ: I live in Pearland, Texas. It’s a suburb of Houston, with a little over 100,000 residents. I think our main claim to fame is being a suburb of Houston.

AT: Cool. A new town to me. What genre do you write?
RJJ: I write horror, romance, dabble in erotica, and write academic papers about black femininity and the horror genre.

AT: Wow! Are you a published author or aspiring to be published? If published, how many books are out there with your name on them?
RJJ: I have a few publications to my name, mostly shorter or anthology works. All together, probably about 10 books with my name on or in them.

AT: Awesome! What inspires you to write?
RJJ: I learned a long time ago that I simply can’t not write. I have to do it. It’s literally who I am. Every time I have a thought-provoking dream, or eavesdrop on a conversation, or see or do anything, really, I’m constantly thinking, “What kind of story would this be?”

AT: Love it! Name one book you wish you’d written.
RJJ: Waiting to Exhale, by Terry McMillan. That book was a major gamechanger in African American literature and is still the frame many aspire to emulate.

AT: I totally agree! That book changed everything for black authors! What was the last book you read? Did you enjoy it?
RJJ: The last book I read was Scissors by Ray Garton. I read it once, years ago, and recently re-read it. It was awesome. The imagery is vivid and I really appreciate the way Garton takes something that shouldn’t be a big deal and turns it into a whole horror novel.

AT: Oh, I gotta check that one out! Who is your favorite author? Why?
RJJ: My all-time favorite author is Beverly Jenkins. I’ve never read a book of hers that I didn’t love, love, love. She has a way with writing that entertains and teaches so seamlessly. I buy all her books as soon as they come out. I want to be her when I grow up.

AT: Lol, I think all of us romance writers want to be her when we grow up! Now for the fun questions! You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?
RJJ: I’d be Super Sparkly Dark Rainbow Unicorn, because as dark-natured as I am, I also love sparkles and tend to be bubbly. They both co-exist in my personality.

AT: Now that would be an interesting color! What would your autobiography be called?
RJJ: She Shouldn’t Have Made It But She Was Fueled by Screw You Juice

AT: Ha! Too good! Do you believe in love at first sight?
RJJ: No. I think it takes time to see beneath the surface.

AT: I can see your point. If a genie granted you three wishes, what would they be? (can't ask for more wishes)
RJJ: 1. The world would become a more pleasant place for my children and future generations to live in, without racism, sexism, ableism, poverty, or blight 2. A huge house out in the country, without country critters, no repairs, and no tax or utility payments due, ever 
3. To be able to eat anything I want without gaining any weight

AT: Man, those are some good wishes! Are you spring, summer, fall, or winter?Please share why.
RJJ: Fall. Summer and winter are too full of extremes and spring is too energetic for my personality. I like the laid back quality of fall, when there’s a noticeable bite in the air, but the weather is still pleasant enough for just hanging out and taking time.

AT: Nice. Tea or coffee?
RJJ: That’s a tough one. I drink both, equitably.

AT: Gotcha. Tell us about your most recent/current project.
RJJ: I have a horror short story in a project I’m super proud of. Sycorax’s Daughters, by Cedar Grove Publishing, is the first anthology to include only horror stories by black women. Here’s an excerpt from my story, “To Give Her Whatsoever She May Ask”:

Sycorax's Daughters by [Imarisha, Walidah]

By my forty second birthday, it looked like my most passionate pleas would be ignored. I didn’t kneel so often by then. I was already the towns’ crazy old woman. I kept mostly to myself and only went to market and town when absolutely necessary. And I travelled to Mr. Frank’s cottage, down the hill, to work. Mrs. Frank had passed on five years ago, and now he was just waiting to join his wife in heaven.

I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I suspected that there was no heaven; there was no God to answer prayers. I was tired of praying.

It was time to try something else.

I trudged down the hill to work, using the heavy stick I walked with to scout for snakes in the grass before they had a chance to strike. The sun had just settled beneath the horizon, and the island was dark. I wasn’t afraid, although the island folks didn’t need much prompting to discuss their jumbies and other evil night spirits. I knew not to stop for strangers, and not to approach strange animals. I had my trusty pocket flashlight to spot predators before they could attack.

What I had not been prepared for was the large ball of fire that slowly flew over my head. I saw brilliance and expected heat, but instead there was an icy chill in the wake of the ball. I turned to watch where it would go next, transfixed by the way my womb ached as it passed, and my heart called after it. The ball circled my torso several times. I could hear the coos of a baby, and longed to touch the softness of its skin. I reached out to it and was overwhelmed with dread. I drew my hand back and turned on my flashlight. The ball rose upwards and dissipated.

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AT: Oh, wow! How can readers connect with you?
RJJ: Twitter: @rjacksonjoseph
Facebook official:
Instagram: @rjacksonjoseph
Amazon Author Page:

AT: Any final words?
RJJ: Thank you so much for the opportunity to talk with you! I enjoyed your questions and wish you a productive creative season.

AT: Same to you!

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#WriterWednesday with Author Randy Weir

Today my #WriterWednesday interview is with Author Randy Weir. Enjoy!!

AT: Where do you live? What’s your town’s claim to fame?
RW: I live in Aurora Colorado, a suburb of Denver. Over 300 days a year of sunshine and the gateway to the Rockies.

AT: Nice! What genre do you write?
RW: Current series is Mystery/Detective stories. I’ve also written three Thrillers that were never published.

AT: Oh, wow! You've got to get those books out there! I love Thrillers! Are you a published author or aspiring to be published? If published, how many books are out there with your name on them?
RW: I am self-published, with 6 so far, all the Jarvis Mann Detective Series under the name R Weir

AT: Sounds good! What inspires you to write?
RW: Mostly the words are in my head, waiting to be written. There are times when the thoughts are so vivid I have to get them down, to release them from my brain.

AT: I truly understand how that feels. Name one book you wish you’d written.
RW: Any of Ian Fleming's James Bond books. They are all great and he is a character that seems like will live forever.

AT: Good choice! What was the last book you read? Did you enjoy it?
RW: The Martian, by Andy Weir. No relation. It was great and the movie with Matt Damon was one of the better movie book adaptions.

AT: Are you sure there's no relation? Maybe you could claim his as a cousin? LOL. Who is your favorite author? Why?
RW: Robert B. Parker. He always had an easy flow to his books, with humor, danger and excitement.

AT: Sounds like good reading to me! Now for the fun questions! You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?
RW: Rocky Mountain Orange Sunset

AT: Sounds beautiful! What would your autobiography be called?
RW: Are you really Jarvis Mann? The peaceful life of R Weir

AT: Love it! Do you believe in love at first sight?
RW: I do, as it was love at first sight when I first saw my daughter after she was born.

AT: Awwww. If a genie granted you three wishes, what would they be? (can't ask for more wishes)
RW: Health for everyone in my family, peace and happiness in the world, and the guarantee of safe passage as I rode my motorcycle across the USA.

AT: Nice! Are you spring, summer, fall, or winter? Please share why.
RW: Spring, when everything is new, fresh and full of life.

AT: Tea or coffee?
RW: Neither. I dislike both equally.

AT: Not a fan of caffeine, eh? Tell us about your most recent/current project.
RW: The latest book released June 24th is titled “The Case of the Invisible Souls”. 

Here is a blurb from it:

With Christmas a few weeks away and happy these last few months had been quiet, Jarvis Mann decides to take on an interesting case. A homeless veteran knocks on his door with a story of how several of his homeless companions have been bribed and taxied away never to return. Taking pause to the man’s story at first, Jarvis digs deeper learning of plans to clear out the homeless. When the man is attacked, and seriously injured, Jarvis goes undercover, learning more about life on the streets than he ever knew, becoming one of the Invisible Souls in search of an answer.

Purchase link:

I’m currently a third of the way through the next Jarvis Mann Detective novel titled “The Front Range Butcher”. Jarvis tries to track down a brutal serial killer who has resurfaced 25 years later.

AT: Both sound so good! How can readers connect with you?

AT: Any final words?
RW: Thanks to all the readers out there that support indie authors. The greatest gift you can give us is after reading, placing an honest review of the book on Amazon, Goodreads and wherever else it is sold. Nothing makes an author’s day more than reading a review. I enjoy every single one, including the bad ones, so long as they are written constructively. And be sure to reach out to authors. They love to hear from readers, either via email or social media.

AT: I agree!

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Jillian by Julia A Royston #Book Tour

Hello! This is one of my tour stops during my month long book tour for Jillian, by Julia. A Royston. 

This virtual book tour is organized by Write Now Literary Book Tours. This tour runs November 6-30, 2017.  Follow the tour here.  Book your own tour here WNL

ISBN-10: 0692528067
ISBN-13: 978-0692528068
Book Title: Jillian, Book 1 of the Women of the Fellowship Series
Genre: Romance, Fiction

About The Author

Julia Royston is an author, publisher, speaker and teacher. Julia provides full-service book publishing services, writing and publishing coaching services as well as hosts workshops and conferences to help aspiring writers become best-selling authors and thriving entrepreneurs. 

By profession, Julia is a 22-year certified, media specialist/technology instructor with the local public school system. For more information about Julia and her companies visit,

About The Book

Jillian watched so many of her friends date, get engaged and marry before her. She wondered what was taking so long. Jillian had done all of the right things. She had gone to school, built a thriving company, owned a home, drove a luxury car and dedicated years of service to her church and community. But, where was her love? Come experience the lessons, longing and love of Jillian Forrester. Have faith, your love is on the way too.


Patricia walked into Jillian’s office closed the door quickly and fell backward against the door. Her eyes were upward and her body language said that she was about to faint and slide to the floor “Okay boss indulge me just a minute.”

“What going on? Besides you only call me boss when you could be in trouble or you’re getting ready to hurt somebody.” Jillian inquired

“Jillian, I’m about to put a hurting on somebody in a minute, but in a great way,” Patricia said softly.

“What’s up?” Jillian exclaimed.

“The representatives from Randolph Technologies are waiting to see you in the lobby. I have never seen three brothers look so good since my favorite group, ‘Guy,’ back in the day,” Patricia closed her eyes and did a slight shake and shimmy from her shoulders to her waist.

“Okay, Patricia, your minute is up and the key to this company not going down the toilet is on the other side of that door. Girl, get a grip and show them in,” said Jillian with a slight frown.

“Okay, are you ready?” Patricia straightened her clothes and mimicked putting her hair back in place.

“Yes, I am ready and show them in already,” Jillian then gave Patricia a sharp look while putting the last papers in a folder and coming from behind her desk.

Patricia opened the door to the lobby and said to the visitors, “Gentleman, Ms. Forrester will see you now.” Three very handsome gentleman entered Jillian’s office.

Patricia continued, “Ms. Forrester, this is Mr. Byron and Myron Randolph, the CEO and President, respectively of Randolph Technologies and their associate, Mr. James Jones.”

“Jillian, is that you?” asked Byron as he stopped dead in his tracks at the sight of her face. Byron took a long sweep over Jillian from head to toe. Letting his eyes thoroughly glance over every inch of her body. Jillian was checking Byron out right back and blushing greatly on the inside and out. Jillian was thanking God that her milk chocolate skin could hide how hot her cheeks were getting at Byron’s glance. Jillian remembered that Byron was always the ladies’ man of the two. She knew that she couldn’t take what he said seriously because he could be saying it to about three other women too. His eyes were saying a lot and she was trying to believe the clear non-verbal communication. Byron and Myron were both classified as nerds, but Myron was the real nerd of the two. Besides loving technology, Byron and Myron were unique in that they were identical twins in size and height, but with different color complexion. Both men stood six feet three and weighed about 225 lbs. Byron had dark smooth chocolate skin while Myron had a lighter brown complexion like caramel candy. Studies had been done about the twins when they were younger. Their doctor wrote and published an article in a medical journal about their uniqueness.

“Jillian Forrester, look at you?” interrupted Myron who had been standing next to Byron watching them both and waiting his turn.

“Oh my goodness, yes, it’s me. Byron and Myron Randolph? Look at you guys. I had no idea. I realize that this is unorthodox and not the way I normally start a business meeting, but can I have a hug?” They all laughed as Jillian embraced each twin, Myron first and then Byron. They smelled like Yves Saint Laurent’s latest cologne and dressed in similar clothing, but not matching tailored suits. The days of the twins wearing matching outfits had been abandoned by the time they reached their middle teens. Byron, being the mischievous one, took both her hands in his once the embrace ended and he slightly swayed them back and forth. He stood there holding and gently rubbing her hands in a slow circular motion that left Jillian quite uncomfortable. Byron knew he was wrong, but didn’t want to let her hands go. He kept looking into her eyes to gage her reaction and to soak her all in.

Byron thought, ‘Oh my goodness this is Jillian Forrester standing right in front of me.’ Byron tried not to reveal with his eyes all of the rush of emotions that were going on in his head not to mention the fast beat of his heart at the sight of her. He thought, ‘If she only knew how good it is to really see her. Get a grip and calm down boy.’

A look of confusion came on Jillian’s face at how Byron was looking at her. She never dated or even had any thought that Byron even liked her other than a friend when they were younger. What is this? Jillian looked down at the floor quickly realizing that this was suddenly a very awkward and misunderstood moment. They both forgot they were in a corporate office and that there were other people in the room. Jillian had so many questions running through her brain. Byron, on the other hand, was continuing to take her all in. Jillian knew that she must somehow stop this scene from getting any worse or misreading the whole situation. She came back to herself from her thoughts in time to remember she was ignoring the third man in the room. She removed her hands from Byron’s grasp and turned her attention to the other gentleman.

“I am so sorry your name is James right? I don’t know you that well or I would hug you too.” Everyone laughed as she shook his hand. James was much taller standing about six foot five and two hundred sixty five pounds. He looked like he could be a defensive end or tackle for the Cincinnati Bengals or some celebrity’s body guard. This very large, gorgeous gentleman was standing there with an iPad, leather portfolio and iPhone. At five foot three, Jillian felt like a midget compared to these three men. Jillian enjoyed the sudden attention and affection, but knew they must get down to business.

“Well, shall we all have a seat?” Each man took a seat around Jillian’s small conference table and Byron placed himself to her left, Myron was on her right and James was seated next to Myron.

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#WriterWednesday with Author Maurice Gray

Today's interview is with the wonderful Author Maurice Gray!! 
Let's see what he has to say!

AT: Where do you live? What’s your town’s claim to fame?
MG: New Castle, Delaware. Delaware is known as “The Home Of Tax-Free Shopping.”😊 If something here costs 0.99 cents, we’re getting a penny back. That messes me up when I travel out of state and have to pay tax on stuff.

AT: Ooooh, I'm so jealous! What genre do you write?
MG: Christian fiction

AT: One of my favorites! Are you a published author or aspiring to be published? If published, how many books are out there with your name on them?
MG: I am the author of three books, To Whom Much Is Given, All Things Work Together and Like A Brother. I’m also in four anthologies, Blessed Assurance, The Soul Of A Man, Home Again: Stories Of Restored Relationships and The Soul Of A Man 2: Make Me Wanna Holler

AT: What inspires you to write?
MG: The question “What if- - -?” I could see a couple arguing off in the distance and wonder what the problem was. I start thinking “what if they’re fighting over X or Y?” Next thing you know, I have the makings of a story.

AT: Yes! Curiosity breeds creativity. Name one book you wish you’d written.
MG: This Present Darkness. Frank Peretti outdid himself with that one. 

AT: The title alone sounds intriguing! What was the last book you read? Did you enjoy it?
MG: The Returning by Rachelle Dekker. It was the final part of a trilogy, and I enjoyed it very much.

AT: You read the coolest-sounding books! Who is your favorite author? Why?
MG: So many to choose from 😊. Patricia Haley-Glass is one who stands out to me. She’s an excellent author, and when I was ready to publish my own work, she answered every question I had about independent publishing.

AT: So cool! Now for the fun questions! You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?
MG: Mocha Cherry. Mocha because that’s my skin tone and cherry because I’ve always loved the color red. 

AT: Nice! What would your autobiography be called?
MG: I Love To Tell The Story

AT: Nice! Do you believe in love at first sight?
MG: Yes

AT: Awwww, If a genie granted you three wishes, what would they be? (can't ask for more wishes)
MG: Perfect health, a boatload of money and the mental/emotional capacity to make nothing but great decisions

AT: Smart wishes! Are you spring, summer, fall, or winter? Please share why.
MG: Fall. The weather is just as good as it is in spring, but there’s one thing fall has that spring does not- FOOTBALL! (go Eagles!) 

AT: Lol, so I take it you're an Eagles fan, huh? Tea or coffee?
MG: Iced tea

AT: Yummy. Tell us about your most recent/current project.

Image result for like a brother maurice gray

Jeremiah McAllister lost his entire family before he turned eighteen, but was blessed with another one. As the oldest of more than a dozen young adults mentored by CC Dawson and her husband Thurman, Jeremiah takes his role as oldest brother within their chosen family seriously. To his siblings, he is confidante, emergency contact, babysitter and family ATM; whatever they need, he provides, no questions asked. However, some among them push his largesse to its limits.

Jenisse Anderson uses Jeremiah as a surrogate man on her arm for social events when she’s between boyfriends and as her personal 911 (she calls him to help her deal with anything she deems an emergency). Despite Jeremiah’s consistently being there for her, she will neither reciprocate nor discuss his feelings for her, or even deal with the issues of her past. 

Erik Dawson (CC and Thurman’s only biological child) is currently estranged from his parents, and uses Jeremiah as a go-between so he knows they’re okay and vice-versa. Jeremiah’s repeated pleas for Erik to go to his parents and reconcile fall on deaf ears. Between Jenisse and Erik and the constant requests from the others, Jeremiah is pulled in too many different directions all at once.
As he reaches his breaking point, Jeremiah finds himself at a crossroads in his life. How can he break out of an emotional prison he didn’t even realize he was in until recently? Can he face his own history in order to embrace a better future?

AT: Sounds so good! How can readers connect with you (share website and any social media links)
MG: Website:

AT: Any final words?
MG: Thanks for having me!

AT: Most welcome!

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#MondayMotivation - #quote

"Man is so made that when anything fires his soul, impossibilities vanish."
- Jean de La Fontaine

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Bow Down and What It Do #Book Spotlight

This is one of my stops during the three day spotlight tour for Bow Down & What It Do by Natalya LaBauve. This virtual book tour is organized by Write Now Literary Book Tours. This tour runs November 8-10, 2017 Follow the tour here.  Book your own tour here WNL

Genre: Young Adult
Book Titles: What It Do & Bow Down

About The Author
Natalya LaBauve was born in Los Angeles, California, and raised in Oakland. She studied at Ohio State University, UC Berkeley Extension, and Laney Community College’s theater program.

LaBauve spent twenty-eight years working for the US Attorney’s office. She has resigned from her work in the federal government to pursue her dream of becoming an author. LaBauve has written five novels about good girls, bad boys, and the love they share.

LaBauve lives in the Bay Area with her two children. She’s hard at work on her next book!

What It Do! For most seventeen year olds, graduating from high school is something to look forward to. But not for Victoria Johnson, who has just learned, two days before graduation, that she has been living a privileged and sheltered life in the gated community of Laketon, with 'adopted' parents. "What It Do", is the story about what life does to a young girl of class and prestige, when her biological mother arrives and wants to spend time with her. The weekend after graduation, Victoria finds herself being driven from the happy world of two story homes with Mercedes Benzes parked out front; to the mean streets of Oakland, where being naive and simple-minded, are just not allowed. With the help of a street wise younger brother; a strong willed little sister, and the admiration of a handsome young street thug, Victoria learns very quickly - What it do!

ISBN-10: 1438915691
ISBN-13: 978-1438915692
Amazon Buy Link:


…When we finally arrived at the concert, I walked in with Ronald and his friends, Pete and Vic.  Rhonda was behind us with Wayne and since I heard music coming from inside the coliseum’s arena, I figured we must have been missing one of the acts.  People were walking around the outer part of the coliseum’s corridor, talking about the act that was on before.  I punched Ronald in the shoulder and said, “see, we missed one of the acts because of you.”

Ronald jumped back.  “Be cool girl.  Don’t be hitting on me!  It ain’t my fault.”

Then from the back of us, Rhonda and Wayne yelled, “yes it is!”

“Just keep walking.”  Ronald directed.  “Let’s find our seats.” 

As we continued walking, suddenly, a crowd started stampeding straight toward us.  Quickly!  I didn’t know what to do.  My heart began pounding.  My neck went stiff.  My body tightened up.  I guess I just panicked.  I didn’t know what was going on.  For some reason I couldn’t move.  I just froze in place.  I heard someone yell, “they fighting!”

My mind quickly saw Faye’s face.  I thought about what Faye said, then I thought, oh no, I’m supposed to be running!

Still unable to move an inch, I looked all around for Ronald or Rhonda.  I must have gone into shock.  Oh my God, where are they?  I didn’t even see Vic or Pete.  Not even Wayne.  But one thing I did see and it was coming right for me, the guys that were fighting. 

I closed my eyes, clinched my fist tightly together and held them as close to my cheeks as I could.  Right when I knew I was about to be run over by the fight, I was grabbed by the arm and firmly placed up against the wall.  Because of the strong snatch, I assumed it was Ronald.  Oh thank God, Ronald.  

I grabbed hold of his arm as tight as I could and with my eyes still closed I started saying my prayers.  “Our father, which art in heaven...”

The heavy voiced asked, “you alright?”

I quickly cut off my prayer.  That didn’t sound like Ronald’s voice.  I slowly opened my eyes to see who it was that I had grabbed on to so tightly.  When I did, I couldn’t believe my eyes.  It was that guy.  That, that, that guy!  For a moment I forgot what was going on around me.  I quickly thought back to the first time I had seen him before.  It was the afternoon after I had first arrived in Oakville.  

I never brought the subject up to Rhonda or Ronald, but every time he would pass by the house, I wished I could have gotten up enough courage to speak to him.  He would stare, even speak, and I’d just freak out.  I’d go run into the house or something, play like I didn’t see him. Rhonda would come chasing behind me, “why you running girl?  He likes you.  You better get with that!”

Just then I heard the smooth midnight voice again, “Hellooooo.  You alright?”

His name was Terrance, I did know that much.  His voice snapped me back into the reality that I was still at the concert.  I hadn’t realized that I had lost all consciousness, I turned and looked at him.  We were standing way too close together.

He searched my eyes.  “Are you okay?”

“I…I…I lost my sister and brother.”  My stomach was nervous.

Still holding my arm, but a lot gentler now, Terrance began looking around the crowd as if he were trying to find them with me. 

He asked, “Ronnie’s your brother right?”

I took a deep breath, exhaled, and then smiled, “yes.” 

Then he appeared to give me a mischievous smile, “I don’t see him.”  He let my arm go.  “But if you want me to, I’ll walk you to your seat.”

An instant hot flash rushed through my body.  What should I say?  But before I could really think it out, my mouth opened.  “That’ll be nice, thanks.”  My sandy brown cheeks turned beet red.

I just wanted to die.  I could not believe I was walking with, as well as talking to, that guy Terrance.  As we continued walking, security passed by with about five young guys that they were escorting out of the concert.

Terrance pulled me close, “be careful.”

 The guys were putting up a fight with the security guards now.

“What happened,” I asked, thinking Terrance might know

Bow Down!   Victoria thought her wedding day would be the happiest moment in her life, but strange coincidences and enigmatic guests hint at a mystery that will reveal distressing secrets about her new marriage and the man she’s given her heart to.

It took some smooth talking, but Victoria’s parents have finally accepted Terrance Seals as their son-in-law. Their summer wedding is beautiful, but Victoria begins to believe that something isn’t quite right. It would be one thing if the only problem were Edward Bordeaux, Victoria’s old beau. Edward’s mere presence might cause Victoria’s whole body to heat up, but she knows she can handle him—even after he coughs loudly when the minister asks if anyone objects to the marriage. The real problem is a strange woman with some connection to Terrance.

When Victoria can’t get answers from her new husband, she turns to her girlfriends—her best friend, Jana; new girl Meagan; and self-professed psychic Jennifer. With their support and encouragement, Victoria starts trying to get to the bottom of Terrance’s strange behavior. With the help of prayers, miraculous coincidences, and even psychic visions, Victoria discovers something unexpected about her husband and their shared future that will change everything.
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…Jana interrupted them. “So, Vicki, check this out—I got a plan. So, my mom, right, knows this lady. This lady can tell fortunes and put hexes on people and stuff like that. I got her name and number!”
“What! Jana, I’m not doing anything like that. What, a hex on Terrance?”
Meagan chimed in. “I told you that’s totally crazy, Jana.”
“You guys, listen,” Jana said. “Put a hex on the girl! You know, the one who came into your star-studded wedding!”
Victoria laughed. “Jana, no—you are crazy!”
Meagan went into her valley-girl mode. “Isn’t that, like, totally against the law anyway?”
Both Victoria and Jana asked, “What?”
“Like, messing with the flow of the universe or something like that?”
Jana walked over and placed her arm around Meagan’s neck. “Let’s just consider it like we’re making a coincidence happen.”
“Not!” Victoria said. “We are not doing that, Jana. Are you crazy?”
Meagan squinted her right eye and said, “Hmm, now, let’s see. While I’m definitely not into the voodoo thing, I wouldn’t mind seeing if this lady could tell the future thingy.”
Victoria turned to Meagan. “What? Now you?”
“I mean, aren’t you a little curious to see who this girl is?”
“Yeah, but I can ask Terrance! As simple as that, don’t you think?”
Meagan placed her hand on her hip. “And you think he’s going to tell you? So let me get this right: you think Mr. Street Guy is going to tell you the truth?”
“Yes, ‘Daddy,’ I do!”
Just then, Victoria’s father entered the garage and caught the girls off guard. “You do what?”
They all jumped.
Victoria stuttered, “Oh, D-d-d-daddy! I didn’t know you were standing there.”
Jana spoke up quickly. “Mr. J., you scared us!”
Meagan was quick and to the point. “Hi.”
Victoria’s father looked at each of the girls. “Let me know when you girls are done in here. I need to finish.”
Jana wanted to get out. “Oh, we’re all done.”
But Victoria could tell her father was still being stubborn. He wanted her out of the way so he could finish getting rid of her stuff. “No, not yet.” Victoria’s voice was stern. “In a minute, we’ll be finished.” She and her father stared at each other. He turned and walked back into the house. When he was out of sight, Victoria stared into the distance and asked, “So, Jana, how do we get in touch with this psychic?”
Meagan was shocked. “Victoria, are you serious?”
“Not about the casting spells part, but yeah, I want to know who this girl is.”
Meagan placed strings of her hair behind her ears. “But I thought you said you would just ask him.”
“You said yourself he won’t tell me.”
“I know but…I guess. Oh, no, I don’t know what I think.” Meagan turned to Jana. “Jana, do something! Talk some sense into her.”
Jana stepped near Victoria to whisper, “So, Vicki, only thing.” Jana looked around to make sure Victoria’s dad was not in earshot. “We need to kinda go and find this lady. I have her address but not the telephone number, and I cannot ask my mom for the number.”
“Yeah, okay, so?”
           “So she lives in the Ville.”

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

#WriterWednesday with Author Venita Alderman Sadler

Today's author interview is with the lovely Venita Alderman Sadler. Scroll down and get the scoop!!

AT: Where do you live? 
VAS: Wake Forest, NC…. Originally from New Brunswick/Somerset, NJ

AT: Okay, what genre do you write? 
VAS: A Family of Secrets is Fiction: Drama and Mystery 

AT: I love a good mystery! Are you a published author or aspiring to be published? If published, how many books are out there with your name on them? 
VAS: I’m published. I have one full length novel, A Family of Secrets. 3 journals; A Bitter to Better Journey, A Pieces to Peace Journey and From Gloom to Gleeful Journey. I’m in 3 anthologies Daddy’s Girl in Turning Trials into Triumphs, Sister Grinch in All I Want for Christmas and Online Secrets in The Ex-Chronicles. 

AT: Awesome! What inspires you to write? 
VAS: I’m inspired by my family and friends. Music and poetry inspires me. I’ll throw in nature also, the flowers, trees and looking at the clouds. 

AT: Same for me! Name one book you wish you’d written. 
VAS: The first thing that came to mind was the dictionary. If only I knew every word in there.

AT: I like the way you think! What was the last book you read? Did you enjoy it? 
VAS: Quagmire from Brian W Smith; it was my book club's June pick. Yes, I enjoyed the book. 

AT: Oh, I love his work! Who is your favorite author? Why? 
VAS: I have a few favorite authors. One of them is Jacquelin Thomas. I love the way her characters and the story line mesh together. Her latest book, Legacy, is a historical fiction book and when you read about the characters and the timeline, you’ll see what I mean. It’s a great book! 

AT: Definitely going to check that one out! Now for the fun questions! You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why? 
VAS: Olive. Because I like all shades of Green. 

AT: Nice! What would your autobiography be called? 
VAS: The woman whose Creativity was Unleashed.

AT: LOVE it! Do you believe in love at first sight? 
VAS: Yes, I fell in love with each of my kids as soon as I laid eyes on them. 

AT: Awwwwww! If a genie granted you three wishes, what would they be? (can't ask for more wishes) 
VAS: For my kids to remain; healthy, happy and positive productive individuals. 

AT: Beautiful! Are you spring, summer, fall, or winter? Please share why. 
VAS: Fall. I like the changes you see during the transition. The chill in the air, the colors of the leaves. 

AT: Yeahm I'm a fan of fall, too. Tea or coffee? 

AT: No ambiguity there, huh? LOL. Tell us about your most recent/current project.  
VAS: Here's an excerpt from A Family of Secrets. I’ll share the Prologue… 

“Aauugh,” he screamed in agony.

“Shut up, you…” Possum yelled. “You lying, cheating, trifling, disgusting, ughhh...” 

Possum looked at her brand-new Magnum Bronze, Desert Eagle and decided to send two shots in his calves.

“Aauugh, why are you doing this to me?” Malik cried out in between grunts.
Possum could barely see her husband because of the tears in her eyes.

“Why? Did you just ask me why? You always did ask stupid questions.” She let off another shot while yelling “I hate you!”

She didn’t know how much more he was going to be able to take. She’d already put one in his thigh, one in each calf, and one in each arm. She watched as he bled out, screaming the whole time.   Then she began to wonder how she was going to clean up once it was done. 

She shook the thought away once she remembered all the crap he put her through. She stuffed his mouth with three-one thousand dollar bills that she took from his safety deposit box; each bill represented the next three victims. He groaned, prompting her to, stuff more hundred dollar bills in his mouth. She shot him one last time in the stomach.

“Die slow. You deserve it,” she said calmly before grabbing a chocolate chip cookie off the counter and walking out the door.

Possum never even realized that she was being watched the entire time. 

AT: Oh, dang! Now, that's an excerpt! How can readers connect with you?

AT: Any final words? 
VAS: Thank you for allowing me to participate on your Blog. 

AT: It was my pleasure!