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Bow Down and What It Do #Book Spotlight

This is one of my stops during the three day spotlight tour for Bow Down & What It Do by Natalya LaBauve. This virtual book tour is organized by Write Now Literary Book Tours. This tour runs November 8-10, 2017 Follow the tour here.  Book your own tour here WNL

Genre: Young Adult
Book Titles: What It Do & Bow Down

About The Author
Natalya LaBauve was born in Los Angeles, California, and raised in Oakland. She studied at Ohio State University, UC Berkeley Extension, and Laney Community College’s theater program.

LaBauve spent twenty-eight years working for the US Attorney’s office. She has resigned from her work in the federal government to pursue her dream of becoming an author. LaBauve has written five novels about good girls, bad boys, and the love they share.

LaBauve lives in the Bay Area with her two children. She’s hard at work on her next book!

What It Do! For most seventeen year olds, graduating from high school is something to look forward to. But not for Victoria Johnson, who has just learned, two days before graduation, that she has been living a privileged and sheltered life in the gated community of Laketon, with 'adopted' parents. "What It Do", is the story about what life does to a young girl of class and prestige, when her biological mother arrives and wants to spend time with her. The weekend after graduation, Victoria finds herself being driven from the happy world of two story homes with Mercedes Benzes parked out front; to the mean streets of Oakland, where being naive and simple-minded, are just not allowed. With the help of a street wise younger brother; a strong willed little sister, and the admiration of a handsome young street thug, Victoria learns very quickly - What it do!

ISBN-10: 1438915691
ISBN-13: 978-1438915692
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…When we finally arrived at the concert, I walked in with Ronald and his friends, Pete and Vic.  Rhonda was behind us with Wayne and since I heard music coming from inside the coliseum’s arena, I figured we must have been missing one of the acts.  People were walking around the outer part of the coliseum’s corridor, talking about the act that was on before.  I punched Ronald in the shoulder and said, “see, we missed one of the acts because of you.”

Ronald jumped back.  “Be cool girl.  Don’t be hitting on me!  It ain’t my fault.”

Then from the back of us, Rhonda and Wayne yelled, “yes it is!”

“Just keep walking.”  Ronald directed.  “Let’s find our seats.” 

As we continued walking, suddenly, a crowd started stampeding straight toward us.  Quickly!  I didn’t know what to do.  My heart began pounding.  My neck went stiff.  My body tightened up.  I guess I just panicked.  I didn’t know what was going on.  For some reason I couldn’t move.  I just froze in place.  I heard someone yell, “they fighting!”

My mind quickly saw Faye’s face.  I thought about what Faye said, then I thought, oh no, I’m supposed to be running!

Still unable to move an inch, I looked all around for Ronald or Rhonda.  I must have gone into shock.  Oh my God, where are they?  I didn’t even see Vic or Pete.  Not even Wayne.  But one thing I did see and it was coming right for me, the guys that were fighting. 

I closed my eyes, clinched my fist tightly together and held them as close to my cheeks as I could.  Right when I knew I was about to be run over by the fight, I was grabbed by the arm and firmly placed up against the wall.  Because of the strong snatch, I assumed it was Ronald.  Oh thank God, Ronald.  

I grabbed hold of his arm as tight as I could and with my eyes still closed I started saying my prayers.  “Our father, which art in heaven...”

The heavy voiced asked, “you alright?”

I quickly cut off my prayer.  That didn’t sound like Ronald’s voice.  I slowly opened my eyes to see who it was that I had grabbed on to so tightly.  When I did, I couldn’t believe my eyes.  It was that guy.  That, that, that guy!  For a moment I forgot what was going on around me.  I quickly thought back to the first time I had seen him before.  It was the afternoon after I had first arrived in Oakville.  

I never brought the subject up to Rhonda or Ronald, but every time he would pass by the house, I wished I could have gotten up enough courage to speak to him.  He would stare, even speak, and I’d just freak out.  I’d go run into the house or something, play like I didn’t see him. Rhonda would come chasing behind me, “why you running girl?  He likes you.  You better get with that!”

Just then I heard the smooth midnight voice again, “Hellooooo.  You alright?”

His name was Terrance, I did know that much.  His voice snapped me back into the reality that I was still at the concert.  I hadn’t realized that I had lost all consciousness, I turned and looked at him.  We were standing way too close together.

He searched my eyes.  “Are you okay?”

“I…I…I lost my sister and brother.”  My stomach was nervous.

Still holding my arm, but a lot gentler now, Terrance began looking around the crowd as if he were trying to find them with me. 

He asked, “Ronnie’s your brother right?”

I took a deep breath, exhaled, and then smiled, “yes.” 

Then he appeared to give me a mischievous smile, “I don’t see him.”  He let my arm go.  “But if you want me to, I’ll walk you to your seat.”

An instant hot flash rushed through my body.  What should I say?  But before I could really think it out, my mouth opened.  “That’ll be nice, thanks.”  My sandy brown cheeks turned beet red.

I just wanted to die.  I could not believe I was walking with, as well as talking to, that guy Terrance.  As we continued walking, security passed by with about five young guys that they were escorting out of the concert.

Terrance pulled me close, “be careful.”

 The guys were putting up a fight with the security guards now.

“What happened,” I asked, thinking Terrance might know

Bow Down!   Victoria thought her wedding day would be the happiest moment in her life, but strange coincidences and enigmatic guests hint at a mystery that will reveal distressing secrets about her new marriage and the man she’s given her heart to.

It took some smooth talking, but Victoria’s parents have finally accepted Terrance Seals as their son-in-law. Their summer wedding is beautiful, but Victoria begins to believe that something isn’t quite right. It would be one thing if the only problem were Edward Bordeaux, Victoria’s old beau. Edward’s mere presence might cause Victoria’s whole body to heat up, but she knows she can handle him—even after he coughs loudly when the minister asks if anyone objects to the marriage. The real problem is a strange woman with some connection to Terrance.

When Victoria can’t get answers from her new husband, she turns to her girlfriends—her best friend, Jana; new girl Meagan; and self-professed psychic Jennifer. With their support and encouragement, Victoria starts trying to get to the bottom of Terrance’s strange behavior. With the help of prayers, miraculous coincidences, and even psychic visions, Victoria discovers something unexpected about her husband and their shared future that will change everything.
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…Jana interrupted them. “So, Vicki, check this out—I got a plan. So, my mom, right, knows this lady. This lady can tell fortunes and put hexes on people and stuff like that. I got her name and number!”
“What! Jana, I’m not doing anything like that. What, a hex on Terrance?”
Meagan chimed in. “I told you that’s totally crazy, Jana.”
“You guys, listen,” Jana said. “Put a hex on the girl! You know, the one who came into your star-studded wedding!”
Victoria laughed. “Jana, no—you are crazy!”
Meagan went into her valley-girl mode. “Isn’t that, like, totally against the law anyway?”
Both Victoria and Jana asked, “What?”
“Like, messing with the flow of the universe or something like that?”
Jana walked over and placed her arm around Meagan’s neck. “Let’s just consider it like we’re making a coincidence happen.”
“Not!” Victoria said. “We are not doing that, Jana. Are you crazy?”
Meagan squinted her right eye and said, “Hmm, now, let’s see. While I’m definitely not into the voodoo thing, I wouldn’t mind seeing if this lady could tell the future thingy.”
Victoria turned to Meagan. “What? Now you?”
“I mean, aren’t you a little curious to see who this girl is?”
“Yeah, but I can ask Terrance! As simple as that, don’t you think?”
Meagan placed her hand on her hip. “And you think he’s going to tell you? So let me get this right: you think Mr. Street Guy is going to tell you the truth?”
“Yes, ‘Daddy,’ I do!”
Just then, Victoria’s father entered the garage and caught the girls off guard. “You do what?”
They all jumped.
Victoria stuttered, “Oh, D-d-d-daddy! I didn’t know you were standing there.”
Jana spoke up quickly. “Mr. J., you scared us!”
Meagan was quick and to the point. “Hi.”
Victoria’s father looked at each of the girls. “Let me know when you girls are done in here. I need to finish.”
Jana wanted to get out. “Oh, we’re all done.”
But Victoria could tell her father was still being stubborn. He wanted her out of the way so he could finish getting rid of her stuff. “No, not yet.” Victoria’s voice was stern. “In a minute, we’ll be finished.” She and her father stared at each other. He turned and walked back into the house. When he was out of sight, Victoria stared into the distance and asked, “So, Jana, how do we get in touch with this psychic?”
Meagan was shocked. “Victoria, are you serious?”
“Not about the casting spells part, but yeah, I want to know who this girl is.”
Meagan placed strings of her hair behind her ears. “But I thought you said you would just ask him.”
“You said yourself he won’t tell me.”
“I know but…I guess. Oh, no, I don’t know what I think.” Meagan turned to Jana. “Jana, do something! Talk some sense into her.”
Jana stepped near Victoria to whisper, “So, Vicki, only thing.” Jana looked around to make sure Victoria’s dad was not in earshot. “We need to kinda go and find this lady. I have her address but not the telephone number, and I cannot ask my mom for the number.”
“Yeah, okay, so?”
           “So she lives in the Ville.”

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