Sunday, February 22, 2015

Soundtrack Reveal and #SampleSunday - Home

Happy Sunday!! Today I'm revealing the soundtrack and sharing a short sample from Home, which is available for pre-order. CLICK HERE to pre-order your copy. Price increases on 3/2/15.


“Again” John Legend
“The Beginning…” John Legend
“Coming Home” John Legend
“Good Morning” John Legend
“Green Light” John Legend
“Comin’ From Where I’m From” Anthony Hamilton
“Hard Times” John Legend & The Roots
“Used To Love U” John Legend
“Dreams” John Legend
“Life Has a Way” Anthony Hamilton
“Better Days” Anthony Hamilton
“Another Again” John Legend
“Blame Me” Jaheim
“Baby Girl” Anthony Hamilton
“The Truth” Anthony Hamilton
“Sista Big Bones” Anthony Hamilton
“Since I Seen't You” Anthony Hamilton
“Just Don't Have A Clue” Jaheim
“Caught Up” John Legend
“So Gone” John Legend
“The News” Anthony Hamilton
“Matter of Time” Kem
“Why” Anthony Hamilton
“Hard to Breathe” Anthony Hamilton
“Everybody Knows” John Legend
“Satisfaction” John Legend
“Each Day Gets Better” John Legend
“Send it On” D’angelo
“Show Me” John Legend
“Save Room” John Legend


Mrs. Roundtree was my sixth grade teacher. Now, one thing you need to know about a twelve-year-old boy: anything can translate into sex. With Mrs. Roundtree, it was her smile. She had the sexiest smile. I don’t think Mrs. Roundtree meant to be sexy. She just was. She had a talent for making everyone feel special with her smile. But to me, her smile said, “I want you, Ivan.” I spent my days fantasizing about what it would be like to touch Mrs. Roundtree’s legs. She always wore skirts and dresses and those soft, full legs mesmerized me. I wanted to taste those full lips of hers, too.
Once, I won a school-wide spelling bee, and Mrs. Roundtree hugged me. I dreamt about her soft body from that day forward. She hugged me again when I lost at district. See, she did care. When the school year was over, she kissed me on the cheek for being such a good student.
She was smart, too. She interjected a little black history into every lesson, whether it was math, English, or science. She taught me that black people could be whatever they wanted to be.
I never forgot Mrs. Roundtree or her mind or her body.  She became the perfect model of a woman for me. A brown goddess with a good mind, a nice smile, nice legs, wide hips, and full breasts. She made me fall in love with women, brown women to be exact. So I think Mrs. Roundtree is to blame for me being the way I am. Yeah, it all started with her.

Pre-order your copy today!!

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