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Seasoned with Grace #Blog Tour

Are you ready for a dose of Grace? She’s a beauty and the beast, which one will prevail in her life?

About the book:

Sentenced to probation, thirty-year-old, supermodel Grace King must put her plans of transitioning into acting to extend the longevity of her career on hold. Desperate to keep a close eye on Grace and his job Grace’s ambitious lawyer, Ethan Summerville has her complete community service in the last place Grace wants to be. His church.

Instead of God, Grace finds a “chocolate drop” of a man—Brother Horace Green. However, Horace isn’t looking for a supermodel. He wants his woman saved and sanctified, but Grace has never met a man who has been able to resist her. Will Horace compromise his faith for a taste of fortune, fame, and Grace?

While Grace focuses on the pursuit of passion Ethan finds one director willing to take a risk and cast Grace in his debut film, but this role fits Grace all too well. Will this film revive Grace’s relationship with God and her career or bring her closer to destruction?

Excerpt (Exclusive):

Having a husband was no longer a necessity for most women. There were plenty of women opting to be single parents today. No sir, that ain’t for me, Grace decided, watching a woman lug a stroller in one hand and a baby in the other down the steps of a brownstone. She preferred the stability, the help, and the warmth that a man can bring over independence. The only problem Grace had besides being involved in one too many public brawls was finding a husband, now that Candace had Ethan under what seemed to be some kind of love spell. Being forced to spend all of her time serving food at Mount Carmel was not conducive to finding a mate either.  
“Grace! Grace!”
Grace stopped walking and scanned the dust and scaffolding that she heard her name coming from. Brother Horace emerged from between some scaffolding with his bulky arms on display in a sleeveless grey shirt. Most of his clothes were covered in splotches of white paint and a coating of dust.

“Nice jacket,” he said as he ran his fingers down the lapel of the jacket. 

No one was allowed to even breathe on her custom made Balenciaga motorcycle jacket yet all she could think about was how cute Brother Horace looked in his hardhat. 

“What are you doing walking around here with no bodyguards?”

“Do you think I need someone to guard my body, Brother Horace?” Grace added a little extra arch to her back. 

Smiling, Brother Horace removed his hardhat giving Grace direct view of his sumptuous brown eyes. “With a body like that someone should be watching you.”

“Brother Horace.” Grace lightly slapped him on the chest, fabricating a look of innocence. “Are you being fresh?”

“Yes, I am. I’m saved not dead. I know a good looking woman when I see one.”


“Don’t act so shocked. I know you know you’re one of God’s greatest endeavors,” he said, licking his lips. “I’d like to see more of you, Grace.” 

“Yeah, I’ll see you on Wednesday at the pantry.” While his directness and confidence aroused the butterflies in Grace’s stomach, there were two big warning signs that flashed before her eyes. One, his bank account was way too low, there’d be no romantic getaways to Golden Bay beach in Malta or suites at the Mandarin, and then there was the whole man of God thing. She’d already experimented with a romance in the church. It was the greatest romance she’d ever known and the worst heartbreak she’d ever felt. If Grace had been allowed to continue dating her then boyfriend, David instead of being forced to put his career in ministry before her feelings her wouldn’t be so full of distress right now, she thought. Loving a man of God wasn’t a roller coaster ride that she was about to willing step onto again.

“I have to go, Horace. I was on my way to meet a friend for lunch before you stopped me.” She walked away without saying bye and refused to look back even though she could feel his eyes locked on her every move. 

My Review:

This is my first time having the pleasure of reading a book penned by Ms. Lockley, and it certainly won't be the last. Seasoned with Grace was well-written, flowed seamlessly, and was full of beautiful life lessons. The story follows Grace King, supermodel extraordinaire, as she continuously lives up to her bad girl, diva image. As the story progresses, Lockley peels back the layers of this complicated and sometimes unlikable character's life, revealing the roots of her actions. Writing about fictional celebrities and their lifestyles is tricky, but where others can be heavy-handed with name and brand dropping, Lockley ushers us into the world of the rich and famous effortlessly. We actually feel like a fly on the wall as the story unfolds.

This was a wonderful story, a must-read for lovers of Christian Fiction and believers in redemption and hope.

5 Stars

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Time Out with Nigeria Lockley:
Love can be found in the most unlikely places. Today, I’ll share a secret with you, I met my husband in a nightclub. That’s right a nightclub. I wasn’t looking for love and I doubt he was either, but one chance meeting has grown into eleven years of marriage. I don’t recommend anyone lower their standards, however sometimes we need to just stop and give people a chance. Remember, a great tree is inside of tiny seed. You’ll have to read Seasoned with Grace to find out if Grace is willing to plant the seed. 

About Nigeria

Nigeria Lockley possesses two master’s degrees, one in English secondary education, which she utilizes as an educator with the New York City Department of Education, and a second in creative writing. Born at Dawn is Nigeria’s first published novel. Nigeria serves as the vice president of Bridges Family Services, a not-for-profit organization that assists student parents interested in pursuing a degree in higher education. She is also the deaconess and clerk for her spiritual home, King of Kings and Lord of Lords Church of God. Nigeria is a New York native who resides in Harlem with her husband and two daughters. Join her online at

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