Wednesday, October 28, 2015

#WriterWednesday - I'm doing NANOWRIMO!!! But Why?

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Greetings, everyone!!

So, I've decided to do NANOWRIMO this year. This is a big decision for me because I am pretty much allergic to deadlines and page counts, but I'm gonna take a shot at it and here's why:

In the past, I've always put limits on myself, believing there are certain things I can't do--write to a deadline, write to a certain word count goal, write when I don't feel like, write without inspiration. Well, I've decided to work toward taking the limits off of my life as I believe it will take my writing to a new level and I also believe it's vital to the business side of writing that I am able to write to different things and in different situations.

So I'm taking the plunge!!

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I attended a NANOWRIMO launch party this past Saturday and had a blast and now I'm really looking forward to the write-ins and camaraderie of trying to reach a common goal with other writers. The book I'll be working on is titled, No Pain No Gain, the second book in a new trilogy I'm writing centered around women over 40 finding love. I just finished writing the first draft of book one of the series and I am so excited about it!!

I plan to bring you all along on this journey with me so be on the lookout for updates!!

Thanks for dropping by!! Until later... be blessed.

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