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Book Tour - Revenge Sweet As Cain

Pages: 112
Genre: Urban Christian
Publication Date: December 8, 2015
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Dr. Elissa Johnson has an aching bitterness in her heart that only revenge can soothe. Adopted at birth, at an early age it was no secret the people she called parents, had no real love for her, or any love for that matter. Although they proclaim to be Christians, the treatment she endures at their hands would suggest otherwise.

Elissa sets out to find her biological parents by hiring a private investigator. The information given to Elissa is more than she bargains for. Her new found view of life fuels her need for revenge while the flame of hatred grows. Elissa’s plan for vengeance is in motion with everything falling into place, until she reaches the final stage and an unsuspected twists is revealed.


“No! Get away from me! I am not a whore!” Elissa screamed, as she bolted up out of her sleep in a cold sweat. She had the reoccurring nightmare she’d been having ever since she was a child, but there was something different this time around. There was another person in the dream who hadn’t been there before. She couldn’t determine their identity, though; they were nothing more than a mere silhouette.

It was amazing—as well as devastating—the effect adoption could have on a person. The spectrum was so broad, and you never knew which end you would find yourself, if that was the hand you were dealt. You’d either be content with being adopted and it never bothered you, or you would be the one who just couldn’t seem to come to grips with the fact that your biological parents wanted nothing to do with you. This was the case for cardiologist, Dr. Elissa Crystal Johnson. Elissa found out at an early age that she was adopted. Her adoptive parents made it clear that she wasn’t really theirs right from the very beginning. They claimed to know very little about her biological mother, just that she was young, and in their eyes, that meant she was a whore.

They tried to convince Elissa that either way, she was better off with them, and she should be grateful that they took her in. Her adoptive mother, Bernice, wasn’t really all that bad, but she was under the thumb of her husband, Clifford. Clifford and Bernice Johnson were strict churchgoers, and they made you never want to ever step foot inside of a church again, once you were grown and could make that decision for yourself. Although, Elissa thought of them as hypocrites, she’d often questioned who spent that much time in church—as they had—and still didn’t treat people right. Along with the thought of questioning why they even adopted her, since it was obvious they didn’t love her, they never treated her like a daughter. Oftentimes, they ignored her, and she felt like a tenant in her own home instead of a member of the family. She’d never forget one Thanksgiving when she was ten years old.

The Johnsons had family and friends over, and they made her stay in her room the whole time. Elissa heard everyone downstairs, laughing and having a good time. She even heard the voice of a young girl who sounded to be around her age, and ironically, the girl even sounded like her. If children were there, why couldn’t she join in with the festivities? She became so angry that she wanted to go downstairs anyway, but she remembered the warning. The Johnsons threatened her and told her that if she left her room, they wouldn’t feed her for a week. That was just one of the many memories Elissa had as a child, and there were plenty more where that came from.

There were plenty of family functions that she wasn’t allowed to participate in, or even allowed to show her face. She was forced to remain in her room. She hated her biological parents for giving her away and for allowing her to grow up in such horrible conditions. Elissa tried to get past the feeling of abandonment, but the harder she tried, the stronger the feeling of rejection grew. She vowed she would get the best education she could and make a good life for herself. This promise included getting as far away from Clifford and Bernice as possible, but that vow also entailed finding her parents and making them pay for the hard childhood she endured. She couldn’t shake the feeling that if she’d remained with her real parents, she wouldn’t have went through so much heartache as a child.

Elissa, or better yet Dr. Johnson, had accomplished everything she set out to do. At thirty-years old, she was one of the top and most sought after cardiologists in New York, but there was still one thing left for her to complete. She wasn’t one hundred percent sure how she was going to carry everything out, but one thing she was one hundred percent sure about was it was time for revenge!

Author Bio:

Denise Ann Kelley (pen name D. A. Kelley) is a freelance writer whose love for writing and reading began at a young age. She has written short stories, poems and Christian plays. Denise’s work has appeared in The Motherhood Diaries 2 by bestselling author, ReShonda Tate Billingsley. Kelley’s debut novel released in October 2014 entitled 70:7: The Road to Forgiveness. She has been selected as contributing author in the anthology, Bruised but Not Broken. Her articles have appeared in The Focus, a local magazine in her community and she has been a guest on several talk radio shows. She is a member of the National Writing Month writing club.

Denise is a lover of education and knowledge. She received her Diploma in Business Technology and Office Administration, AAS in Paralegal, and certification in Pharmacy Technician. She is licensed as a Certified Medical Coder and Life, Health and Annuities seller in Virginia, where she currently works as a Quality Performance Auditor II for Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

Denise believes in being an asset to her local church organization performing various administrative duties. She writes Urban Christian Fiction, which brings to life her writing whether poetry, novels or plays. Denise’s Christian plays have been performed in various locations in her local community. She currently resides in Roanoke, VA.

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Twitter: @mzdakelley
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