Wednesday, October 25, 2017

#WriterWednesday with Author Sonia Johnston

Today's interview is with Author Sonia Johnston. Let's see what she has to share with us!!

AT: Where do you live? What’s your town’s claim to fame?
SJ: I live in Richmond, Virginia. I believe we’re known for having a lot of restaurants and grocery stores.

AT: Nothing wrong with being known for that! What genre do you write?
SJ: Fiction. Women’s fiction to be exact. 

AT: One of my favorite genres! Are you a published author or aspiring to be published? If published, how many books are out there with your name on them?
SJ: I have two short stories published in two Brown Girls Books anthologies. My first shorty story, Hundred Dollar Money is featured in Single Mama Dating Drama. The other short story is Home for Christmas featured in All I Want for Christmas. I am currently working on a full length novel.

AT: Loving your story titles! What inspires you to write?
SJ: My imagination. Mostly anything. I don’t need a reason. I can’t help it. 

AT: A born writer, eh? Name one book you wish you’d written.
SJ: There are so many, but I’ll go with something epic like, The Women of Brewster Place by Gloria Naylor.

AT: Excellent choice! What was the last book you read? Did you enjoy it?
SJ: The last book that I’ve read and finished is Lust by Victoria Christopher Murray. Loved it. I’m currently reading And Then There Was Me by Sadeqa Johnson and I’m loving it as well. 

AT: I've heard good things about both books! Who is your favorite author? Why?
SJ: There are so many, but I’d have to say Terry McMillan just for initial inspiration. I’d been an avid reader and writer all of my life, but I went through a phase where I wasn’t reading as much. Then a friend gave me Mama and Disappearing Acts for a birthday gift. Those two books reignited a spark and I was back in action with both reading and writing ever since. 

AT: Yes! I'm a huge fan of hers! Now for the fun questions! You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?
SJ: A shimmery fuchsia combination that I’d call Fairy Dust. Because fuchsia is my favorite color and I live and breathe for a good sparkle.

AT: Love it! What would your autobiography be called?
SJ: Almost There

AT: Nice! Do you believe in love at first sight?
SJ: Absolutely!

AT: If a genie granted you three wishes, what would they be? (can't ask for more wishes)
SJ: Health, happiness, and a billion dollars. Please and thanks. 

AT: Great wishes! Are you spring, summer, fall, or winter? Please share why.
SJ: I wish I was something seductive like summer or fall, but I am definitely perky spring.

AT: Tea or coffee?
SJ: Coffee!

AT: Tell us about your most recent/current project.
SJ: While I’m deep in the throes of revising my first novel, please check out one or both of my short stories in Single Mama Dating Drama or All I Want for Christmas. 

Praise for Hundred Dollar Money: “Hundred Dollar Money had me in stitches with her main character’s self talk alone.” 

Praise for Home for Christmas: “Home for Christmas had me at the very first sentence.”

AT: How can readers connect with you?
SJ: My website is and I’m on Facebook and Instagram as sonialovestowrite. Twitter: sonias_pov

AT: Any final words?
SJ: Thank you so much for the opportunity! Loved the interview, especially the fun questions. To the readers, please connect with me on social media and be on the lookout for my novel coming soon! 

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