Thursday, March 1, 2018

A Short #BookReview of Leslie's Curl and Dye

Leslie's Curl & Dye by [White, DL]

Falling in love in a small town is tricky.

Falling in love with the man who's putting you out of business is trickier.

Leslie Baker, owner of Potter Lake’s original hometown beauty shop, the Curl & Dye, has a muscular, handsome, 6’4” problem. Her college sweetheart, former basketball superstar Kade “KC” Cavanaugh, is back in Potter Lake following his NBA retirement and the business he’s opened, a slick and shiny co-ed salon on the other side of Potter Lake, directly competes with Curl & Dye.

KC is all too eager to pick things up where they left off fifteen years ago, but Leslie can’t forget how he pushed her away after an intimate encounter, then dropped out of college and left her behind for the bright lights of professional ball.

Though she won’t admit it, time and maturity have eaten away at Leslie's anger and her long-buried attraction to Kade Cavanaugh has resurfaced.

With a vengeance.

Now there is a larger problem: Leslie and KC find themselves in the center of a city wide drama, and with both sides of Potter Lake at war and their livelihoods at stake, the two have to stop sniping at each other and start working together.
And maybe, in the process, forget the past and revive a budding romance that was very special...a very long time ago.

This was my first read by this author and I look forward to reading more of her work. A sweet treat of a read that made me laugh, smile, swoon, and just feel good all over. That's what this book is: a feel good love story. No excess drama and very well written. Makes me miss small town life. Loved it!

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