Sunday, November 22, 2015

#SampleSunday 2 from Sedução (Seduction)

Please enjoy another short sample from Sedução (Seduction). And CLICK HERE to pre-order your copy today!!!

As Victor stood in line with the others, confusion spread across his face. What was going on? A second later, the door that led from the kitchen to the dining area flew open and in walked the hotel’s general manager, followed by a white woman wearing a navy blue gown and long, white gloves. She was pretty in a plastic surgery kind of way. Her tanned, taut skin and obviously-bleached blond hair alluded to the fact that she was much older than she wanted to appear. Her face was stoic as her eyes roamed the kitchen staff. That is, until she fixed them on Victor. When her gaze met his, her eyebrows lifted ever so slightly and then she let her eyes glide over his entire person.
His facial hair belied his age, made him appear older, but she could tell he was much younger than her… and she liked that.
She shifted her focus to the chef and offered him her hand. Before she could speak, the hotel’s manager said, “This is Mrs. Jennings. She wanted to pay compliments for her meal.”
Mrs. Jennings smiled as she firmly gripped the older man’s hand. “Yes, it was absolutely divine, Chef. The best meal I’ve had in ages. And the service was impeccable.” She released his hand and turned to the manager. “I do have a question for you, though.”
He nodded vigorously. “Yes?”
She slowly sauntered over to where Victor stood, her eyes trained on him. “Why is this young man not on the wait staff?”
“Uh-um…” he stuttered, turning to face the chef who shrugged in response. “I’m not sure. He is new here.”
She tilted her perfectly made-up face to the side and said, “He would make a good addition. He would certainly brighten things up out there.” She reached for his hand. “What is your name, young man?”
Victor understood English well, but the sudden attention had taken him aback, so he stared at the woman’s outstretched hand and remained mute.
“Falar!” the manager said gruffly, which translates to “speak” in English.
“Does he not speak English?” Mrs. Jennings said in horror, as if she weren’t in Brazil and the national language was not Portuguese.
“Yes, I do,” Victor said softly. “My name is Victor.”
She smiled, raised her hand a little to remind him that it was there.
He took her hand in his and squeezed gently.
Mrs. Jennings pulled away, her eyes glued to the young man.  “Victor, how nice. Hmm, I’d like for him to serve me in my suite tonight, that is, if he is available. I’m willing to compensate him myself. Would you like that, Victor?”

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