Sunday, December 20, 2015

#SampleSunday - Poetry from the Soul: Volume II

New Release!!! Now available!!

Please check out this sample from my new poetry book and then be sure to grab your copy!!!


If I am honest with you, I’ll tell you the truth
I’ll tell you that the thought of you scares me

If I am honest with you, I’ll not hide my face
I’ll show you the fear in my eyes

I’ll let you feel my apprehension
Tell you all about my past

I’ll be up front and come clean
About the man who hurt me last

I’ll tell you that what you represent
Scares me to death

I’ll tell you that if you kiss me, touch me
I’ll hold my breath

I’ll tell you that I don’t trust men
Stopped believing in them long ago

I’ll tell you that you don’t stand a chance
That you might as well just go

But if you decide to stay
And tough it out

If you decide it’s worth the effort
To wait me out

If you grab your hammer
And knock down my walls

Maybe I’ll tell you
That I love you after all

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