Monday, December 28, 2015

13 things I accomplished in 2015 - The year in review

It's that time of year where we look back on what we've done in preparation for setting goals for the new year ahead. So here goes! Here is my year in review:

1. Published 6 books: 

2. One of the above books (Home) was written in first person and entirely from a male's perspective. 

3. Wrote and published my first fantasy-esque story (Summertime).

4. Wrote and published my first work of historical fiction (September).

5. Participated in several events including the Arkansas Literary Festival!

6. Was nominated for 4 Reading Warrior Awards and won in 2 categories. (See pic below)

7. Spent another year being a full-time author!

9. Was interviewed on a statewide television station!

11. Developed an online course that will debut in 2016.

12. Received my first piece of fan art :) 

13. Exceeded my 2015 reading goal by reading 55 books! (I promise this was the hardest goal to accomplish! Finding time to read when I wanted to write was tough. Lowering my reading goal for 2016 for sure.)

How about you guys? What goals did you reach?


  1. Well done Andrienne, you left out met an author that you took under your wings Me!