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Virtual #Book Tour, Put It In Ink, by Danyelle Scroggins

Hello! I'm excited. This is one of my stops during the two week tour for Put It In Ink by Danyelle Scroggins. This virtual book tour is organized by Write Now Literary Book Tours. This tour runs August 7-18, 2017. 

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Author: Danyelle Scroggins
Genre: Inspirational Fiction
ISBN-10: 0996003878
ISBN-13: 978-0996003872

Nikiya Barnett aka Nikki, is still secretly suffering in silence concerning losing the love of her life, Raja Abrams. She desires total healing from God, but somehow seems to be stuck in her heart and mind. She alongside her two best friends who happens to be her coworkers, are trying to make Salon Select the new ‘it’ spot but this does not happen until they invite God in, by way of Sappora Ink.

Sappora Ink is the new blog talk show host with a show entitled, RFRT~Real Folks, Real Truths. Sister Ink is a straight to the point, raw, doctrinaire Christian girl trying to help her friends in this sinful world. She is changing the world one show at a time, and taking Shreveport by storm with the help of Nikiya Barnett, the owner of Salon Select, who has opened her salon as a hosting spot. Little does Nikki know, Sappora is closer to Raja than she thinks?

Raja is stuck in a world wind of adversity that he seems to have created for himself. Through R.A.B.~ Raja Abrams Broadcasting, he is trying to secretly make Nikki aware that their time together was not a waste, but will his method be the same method used to change his life forever?

Things happen when we choose to let God in. Whether we appreciate His ways or not, we must remember, His ways are not our ways. Will life change for the better for Nikiya and Raja, or is the plan that has been laid before them all a part of God’s plan?

Pastor/ Author Danyelle is the Senior Pastor of New Vessels Ministries North in Shreveport, Louisiana. She studied Theology at Louisiana Baptist University, has a Psychology Degree from the University of Phoenix, an Interdisciplinary Degree in Psychology /Biblical Studies from Liberty University, and is presently working on a Master’s in Religious Education from the Liberty University. Pastor Danyelle owns Divinely Sown Publishing LLC and is the author of both Christian fiction and non-fiction books. She is the wife of Pastor Reynard Scroggins Sr., the mother of three by birth and two additional by marriage.

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Author Danyelle Scroggins

       One thing is for sure, if you know Author Danyelle Scroggins, you know that it is hard for her to keep secrets about herself. Danyelle has a no secrets concerning her life and most people do not understand how she could write about such personal details of her life and not be ashamed. 
       After this, you may just understand her a little better and have some more nuggets to add to your Scroggins knowledge bank. 
       Here is a list of ten things to help you discover the truths about her and her life.

1. At age 10, she decided she would never be blackmailed. 
As a girl growing up, she watched the soaps with her mother. After seeing the effects of blackmail and realizing the secret still gets out, Danyelle decided at a young age to just tell on yourself. Ha-ha! Some might say, “That’s crazy.” Nevertheless, to her, it is the very reason her ministry book spoken, and written words thrive. God gave her method to this madness years later…You Revealed So That Others May Be Healed.

2. A teenage mother who still adores children.
Although she never saw herself as a parent but always had a knack for getting the best out of children. It was not until she became a teenage mother that she totally became a magnet for children: her very own and others. Danyelle said, “My daughter Raiyawna became the saving grace for my flesh because I never wanted my daughter to grow up feeling some sort of way about my moral choices. I wanted her to look up to me and allow me to be her first role model.” Well, it worked because not only is she the role model to her daughter, she is to her two other children, four godchildren, and a slew of others who call her, Mom.

3. At age 12, she had her first marital counseling session.
The mother of her friend was going through relationship challenges, and Danyelle began to tell her some things she could do to make things better in her relationship. WOW! Now she counsels couples on a weekly basis concerning marriage.

4. Her first job was at McDonald's.
At age 16, she worked at McDonald's for two weeks and ended up walking out of the job when some unruly teens trashed the restroom. 

5. Now&Later candy is her favorite.
Give the chick a piece of Now&Later, and you will be her best friend for life.  She loves all flavors, but green apple is her absolute favorite.

6. She is obsessed with the Golden Girls and stills to this day gets in a rerun or two weekly.
Her favorite character is Blanche Devereaux, played by Actress Rue McClanahan because she shows how she would be if Jesus had not saved and turned her life around.

7. She was never committed to anything until she became a pastor.
She fancied being able to do whatever she wanted whenever she wanted to and just when she thought she was celebrating life her way, God called her into ministry, which eventually led to becoming a pastor. Danyelle believes that she had never gone to anything faithfully, not even school, without becoming bored and eventually dreading to go until she became a pastor. Now, it nearly hurts her heart to be absent from a Sunday morning service.

8. Got saved not in church but on a 747 between LAX and Tokyo International.
It was up in the sky where she asked God to come into her heart and save her soul, and He did just that. She got off the plane with a new mission and a new determination.

9. The older sister who acts as the second mother.
Her three siblings are younger, but all know just who to call whenever they need someone to call in a favor from the Lord for them. 

10. Prayer time for Danyelle is more like watching a few prime time shows. 
She prays a lot; this discipline has made her life more fulfilled and joyful. 

Nikiya “Nikki” Barnett
Nikiya Barnett, known to shop patrons and friends as Nikki, was eager to tune in to RFRT with Sister Sappora Ink. The blog talk show previewed for the first time the past week, rating high and considered a hit by reviewers. As far as Nikki was concerned, the world needed someone who would tell the truth, live the truth, and share the truth, even if it were a blog talk show host.
As explained, Sister Ink answered questions about relationships, and although honest, she was raw. Against her will, Nikki listened to blog talk shows often blaming the desire to be a good best friend for this phenomenon. A couple of them were worth listening to, but some were uninformative and a useless waste of time. The hosts were inexperienced or too pretentious to explain life’s circumstances with realness and clarity. They failed to solve problems or share foundational truths from the Gospels, as Chelle declared Sister Ink did.
For the first time, Nikki’s curiosity about a show’s review ignited interest and Nikki refused to miss it. Intent on judging for herself perhaps sparked the motivation. It may also have been the desire to understand how she lost the love or her life or the need for spiritual advice. Either way, Nikki would be in the front of the computer, with an open mind centered on Sis. Ink.
The only dilemma was making it home on time. Nikki’s solution may not have been perfect but it was plausible. She drove 85 in and 70 mph zone, praying the angels would blind the police. The inability to afford another speeding ticket should have detoured Nikki from breaking the law, not to mention how dumb it would be to get a ticket resulting from rushing to hear a talk show, but it didn’t. With long hair weave blowing, as the wind whipped through the windows of the car, Nikki uncaring and unconcerned bobbed and sang along with the music. We are conquerors, conquerors.
Driving fast, the “zooming” of the other passing vehicles warranted a rear view mirror check. Dang Nikki! The thought was not a result of a police approaching, but the reality of looking at a calescent mess. Nikki snickered, but noticed the children in the car to the left laughing and pointing their fingers. Nikki licked at the children and then sped past them.

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