Friday, December 22, 2017

Top 7 #Books of 2017!

Hey, blogosphere! Today I'm sharing the top 7 books I read in 2017!! This list is formulated purely from my reading experience this year and of course, I didn't read every book in existence, so your list will most definitely differ from mine. These books are listed in no particular order. Here goes!
(Click on the covers to learn more about these books)

1. Haunted - a paranormal love story by [Jones, Christina C]
Haunted by Christina C. Jones reminded me what I used to love about romance. Now, I'm hooked on her work! I've never been a big fan of paranormal, but this right here? Whew! (Note: this is NOT a ghost story)

2. The Perfect Find by [Williams, Tia]
I was once a pop culture, fashion, magazine junkie and I loved it! I'd forgotten that part of my life and personality until this book. Man, when I tell you it was good! And it felt like a walk down memory lane. Great plot, wonderful array of characters, awesome writing! I LOVED it!!

3. In Covenant with Ezra (Love Unaccounted Book 1) by Love B...
I had to choose only one of Love Belvin's books, because to be honest, this entire little list could be just her books. Since this was my introduction to her, I chose this one. It's dark, and I like dark. My favorite movies as a kid were Mommy Dearest and Poltergeist. Yeah, I was strange. Still am. Anyway, Ezra, the hero (and I use that term loosely for book 1) was probably one of the most intriguing characters I've ever read! Complicated, troubled, sexy, a true enigma. I highly recommend reading the entire Love Unaccounted series, because you won't really understand these characters or their story if you stop at book 1. This series is one of the best I've read, and I plowed through the author's entire bibliography after finishing this book!

4. The Bed We Made by [Symone, Ivy]
So, I really tried to expand my reading horizons this year and read outside my self-constructed box. This is an urban love story full of twists and turns. It's dark (See a trend here?) and VERY inappropriate at times (Read at your own risk, but it was so good!). This was my first Ivy Symone read and I could not put it down, kept thinking about the characters when I wasn't reading, and still think about this story months after finishing it.

5. Behind Closed Doors: A Novel by B. A. Paris
Another dark one. Yeah, I really embraced my dark side this year, lol. Taut and disturbing with a satisfying ending. I listened to the audiobook and wholly enjoyed it!

6. Bell Bottom High: Book 1: Freshman Fears by [Williams, B.J.]
This is a YA series that appeals to adults who want to take a trip down memory lane. Soooooo nostalgic. I loved every word contained in this 4-book series!

7. Baby I'm For Real by [Brigham, W]
W Parks Brigham writes the SWEETEST love stories! They are full of romance, full-figured women being adored, and strong family ties. This one is no exception. Just a sweet, sweet read!

There you have it! What books are on your list of the top reads of 2017? Comment below and let me know so I can read them, too!


  1. I definitely agree with #2 and #3. Great books! I just ordered Haunted, because it sounds fascinating. Thanks, Adrienne.