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#Book Spotlight: GUILTY of LOVE ~ A Sweet & Sexy Romance

GUILTY of LOVE ~ A Sweet & Sexy Romance

Genre: Romance/Contemporary/Interracial/Multicultural
Release Date: Sunday 28th January 2018
Word Count: Approx. 70,000 words
No of Pages: 308pages

Price: #99c or #99p


~ A Flirty & Feisty Romance Novel ~

~ One blazing look…fuels his desire ~

Taking a quick break from his search for the man who put his dad behind bars, Adam meets a curvy, dark-haired, intelligent beauty with a lovely sense of humour. She sets his body on fire and shakes him to his core. He longs for her and will move mountains to be by her side. But when he finds out the family responsible for wrecking his dad’s life, his heart is at war with his head as the identity of the woman he is up against throws him into a dilemma.

Letitia wants to get back at the man who made her family suffer. She will do anything to see the man return to jail. A quick stopover on holiday brings her across a hot, sculpted and protective bloke who stirs something deep within her and leaves her body and soul aching with a sharp need. When she eventually confronts her enemy, recognition dawns and every locked-up emotion comes crashing down.

Will Letitia and Adam be found Guilty of Love?

~ From the Author of All of Me: A Sweet & Steamy Romance ~

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About fifteen minutes later, Letitia was by the pool side in search of a vacant sun lounger. Every colourful sunbed in sight either had a towel on it or it was occupied by a woman sunbathing or a man just chilling with his arms behind his head as he stared at the people walking by.

After a three-minute trek around the circular outdoor pool, fringed by tall palm trees, she found a lone lounger behind an occupied one under a palm tree. It was the perfect spot, with pretty shade from direct sunlight.

“Is the recliner behind yours free?” her question was directed at the man lying face down on a blue sunbed.

His toned butt cheeks were moulded to fit his clinging black swimming shorts to precision. And his evenly tanned wide shoulders tapered down to his lean waist. Her straying eyes flicked on to his thighs and legs coated with just the right amount of brown hair.

Right now, the muscles in his calves and thighs tensed as he leaned on one elbow to look up at her.

“Adam!” she shrieked as if he was an old friend. Walking among strangers in search of a lounger made finding a familiar face an event to celebrate.

He jumped from his lying position and rushed to stand beside her. “Hey! Where have you been? I looked for you yesterday.” A clear grin appeared on his face as his eyes roamed around her bikini clad body.

She had wrapped her towel around her shoulders. Her desire to get rid of her insecurities was the sole reason for her choice. But with his eyes feeding on every rise and fall on her body and the stretch marks on her thighs, she fought the urge to cover up.

“You look like you could use my company,” she teased with a huge smile to hide her discomfort. For no apparent reason, she wanted to walk into his big arms for a hug. Or maybe it was to hide from his eyes.

As if she had made her intention known by telepathy, Adam lifted one eyebrow, stretched out his hands and she hurried straight on without a moment’s hesitation.

“I missed you, yesterday,” he cooed in her hair as he kept his arms wrapped around her waist and shoulders. “It’s good to see you again.”

Sighing with a great deal of contentment, Annora squeezed her arms around his waist. Hard muscles– warm and lively–singed her breasts and entire skin. She could stand within his hold for a whole day. “It’s nice to see you again too,” she confessed. “I felt lost walking around here by myself.”

“Was kind of lonely for me too,” he added in understanding, as his fingers splayed on her upper back. He did not touch her in a sensual way, but exhilaration sprayed through her insides in a mad rush. Or was it relief racing around her body?

“I’m sorry I went off in a huff yesterday.” Apologizing to him now was not what she had in mind. Yet, her mouth uttered the words and she could not recall them.

“It’s okay. I was in a mood after the wallet incident. I took it out on you and I apologize.” He plucked her chin, so she had no choice but to stare into his eyes. “Do you want to sit down or do you want to swim?”

“Sit down,” he suggested with a chuckle when she did not say a word.

“Sorry. I was thinking about your missing wallet,” she fibbed to avoid admitting she was lost in his gaze.

“Oh, don’t worry about it. I called the card companies. And I’ve reported everything in the wallet stolen. I’ll get replacements.”

“That’s great,” she said, sitting down and shifting her bum from side to side. The cushioned sunbed was warm against her backside. She bet the warmth was from his body heat and not the sunshine. “I’m glad you’ve sorted it out.”

Adam dropped down to sit behind her. His thighs warmed hers and he cushioned her back with his chest. So many pairs of eyes turned to stare at them, but hurriedly looked away when Annora’s head came up.

While seated close to his gorgeous body, a healthy dose of confidence seeped from her head to her feet.

“I’m not going to mention how beautiful your body is or how I find your scent appealing. I’m just going to ask what you’ve been up to since yesterday and why you didn’t come out of your room.”

Apart from their thighs meeting briefly on the lounger, he did not touch her body, yet she struggled to take in air through her nose and let it out normally. Oh, but confidence erupted into something wonderful inside her and she leaned into him a little.

“I’m hoping you’re being honest about your compliments,” she said to him with a slight tilt of her head as she peered into his eyes.

When he met her gaze with a look of pure admiration instead of uttering a word, she nodded.

“Thank you for the kind words. I stayed upstairs because I didn’t want to see you again.”

His arms near her waist tightened instinctively. “Because of our bout?”

“Yes, and partly because we agreed to go our separate ways yesterday.”

He started to laugh and his hands around her relaxed. “I’m afraid we’re stuck with each other while we’re on this trip.”

She curved her backside in between his legs to stare at him directly. “Are we?”

A Bit About Stella

I'm Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku, author of several toe-curling & heart-fluttering Flirty & Feisty Romance Novels consisting of Contemporary/Interracial/Multicultural Romance as well as Historical & Paranormal Romance Books. I write about super sexy heroes and flirty & feisty heroines. My stories are a breath of fresh air, dotted with unexpected twists and are set in fascinating Africa, enticing Europe and enchanting America. An emotional spin is what you get when you read my books. GUILTY of LOVE is my hot new release and it makes the perfect gift for your family, friends and colleagues.

There are now 21 published books so far. Just so you know, I'm a romantic freak, mother of two fun - loving teenagers, married to my gorgeous husband and best friend and we live in London, UK. If my teens had their way, they would fill our home with a dozen pets. Swimming on my back like a star-fish is one of my skills. Please write or connect with me on social media. I love reading from you.

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#MondayMotivation #Quote

 "The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has been before."
—Albert Einstein

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Quiet Time To Pray Virtual CD Tour

Hello! This is one of my tour stops during my one week CD tour for Quiet Time To Pray by Pamela Smith. This virtual book tour is organized by Write Now Literary Book Tours. This tour runs January 29-February 2,2018. 

Genre:  Inspirational/Christian


Evangelist, Life Coach, Author, and Speaker Pamela D. Smith has dedicated her diverse pursuits to elevate the spiritual lives of women around the world. Born in Northern Louisiana, and now residing in Arlington, Texas-she's affectionately known as the "Prayer Plug" to many. It is through fervent prayer that she has created a multifaceted ministry that connects with people through a plethora of platforms and projects. Such would include the release of the prayer cd, Quiet Time To Pray, and an effort called Divinely Domesticated which empowers women in four core areas: Marriage, Motherhood, Ministry, and Money. She's also self-published inspirational devotionals entitled: E3:Encouraged, Equipped, Empowered and Life, Love, Liberty: A 21-Day Spiritual Life Coaching Journey.
In addition to a Life Coaching audio and workbook titled: Inwardly: The Set Free Life, she's also published the E-book: Effectual Prayer and has been featured on The Sharvette Mitchell radio show, Diva Talk Radio, The Authors Show, Jubilee Magazine, Elite Magazine, and Glambitious Online. She was a 2017 Pink Carpet Honoree at LaShae's Business Women Expo. Having an undergraduate degree in Social Science and a master's degree in Business Management, Pamela will soon channel her business savvy into additional efforts including the release of more prayer CDs, the launch of Divinely Domesticated podcast and a collaborative book effort. Additionally, her services that include life-coaching, consulting, keynote speaking, panel speaking, and workshop facilitators; will continue to help pave her road of success as a ministry maven.

A Quiet Time to Pray is an inspirational prayer audio that enhances listeners quiet time with God. These prayers, along with inspirational sounds, connects listeners with God and empowers them to demonstrate their faith in God. Included are prayers for your spouse, children, business, peace, relationships, forgiveness, the world and many more. The words in these prayers will help listeners to deal with everyday life in a positive way. In addition, these prayers helps one to understand their rightful authority as a believer.

"God will never bring you to what He is not going to bring you through. If you do what you can, God will do what you can't."-Pamela D. Smith

Tour organized by Write Now Literary 

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#Book Tour and #Giveaway - Ex-Ray

Hello! This is one of my tour stops during my one month book tour for Ex-Ray by Cheryl Robinson. This virtual book tour is organized by Write Now Literary Book Tours. This tour runs January 26-February 26, 2018.  Follow the tour here.  Book your own tour here WNL.


About The Author

Cheryl Robinson has the Until Ray trilogy set in her beloved hometown of Detroit, Michigan. Cheryl currently resides in Central Florida. She has a Bachelor of Science degree from Wayne State University. This is her eleventh book.

About The Book

ISBN-10: 098471104X
ISBN-13: 978-0984711048
ASIN: B0778P6N72
Genre: Contemporary Fiction

In this journey into second-chance love, author Cheryl Robinson invites us to ponder whether we would rekindle a romance with someone who had broken a promise to forsake all others.
Meet Ray and Sarita Saint. In 1987, they pledged to love, honor, and cherish each other until death. When Ray goes missing a year later, Sarita wonders whether he’s dead or alive. While she was dreaming of their happily ever after, Ray was exploring greener pastures, a new relationship. Sarita—a virgin until marriage—took her vows seriously and believed Ray did, too. Instead, he left their marriage and their life in Detroit to reinvent himself. Sarita always held out hope that he would return one day. And he does. It’s twenty-seven years later, and Ray is determined to find his one true love. What he discovers has him question everything he thought he knew about Sarita, as well as himself.

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#WriterWednesday with Author Selena Haskins

Today's interview is with my author friend, Selena Haskins. 
Scroll down to learn about her and her books!!!

AT: Where do you live?
SH: Washington, DC

AT: Cool! What genre do you write?
SH: Family Saga, Historical Fiction, Romance

AT: Those are among my favorite genres. Are you a published author or aspiring to be published? If published, how many books are out there with your name on them?
SH: Published author with four books. 

AT: What inspires you to write?
SH: Life, personal experiences, anything my five-senses responds to. 

AT: Same here! Name one book you wish you’d written.
SH: Waiting to Exhale 

AT: Girl, me too! What was the last book you read? Did you enjoy it?
SH: A Night to Remember, and yes I enjoyed it!

AT: Oh, that's a good one! Who is your favorite author? Why?
SH: I have so many. I love Leonard Pitts Jr., Bernice McFadden, Margaret Johnson-Hodge, Connie Briscoe, Carl Weber, and J. California Cooper.

AT: Great choices! Love me some Bernice McFadden! Now for the fun questions! You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?
SH: Coral Blue. I think it represents newness, clarity, focus, fun, and creativity. 

AT: Nice! What would your autobiography be called?
SH: A Walk in My Shoes

AT: Sounds like it would be a compelling read! Do you believe in love at first sight?
SH: I believe in lust at first. LOL. It can feel so strong, that you can confuse it with love. 

AT: I hear you. If a genie granted you three wishes, what would they be? (can't ask for more wishes)
SH: Happiness, good health, and wealth. 

AT: Great wishes! Are you spring, summer, fall, or winter? Please share why. SH: Summer because I love the beach and being by the water. I also love winter because of the snow, and it slows things down.

AT: Tea or coffee?
SH: Coffee. Starbucks or Dunkin donuts preferably! 😊

AT: Yum! Tell us about your most recent/current project.
SH: My latest book is Yesterday Was a Long Time Ago.

BLURB:  Southern gal, Germaine Landry wants to become a writer in the big city of Washington, DC. She meets a privileged heartthrob and college football player, Angelo Pearson, who is used to having anything and every girl he wants. A loner by nature, Germaine is not easily impressed with Angelo's bravado, but he eventually charms his way into her heart. This pair of opposites attract develops a friendship that catches fire. Their love is seemingly shatterproof until a malicious scheme leads them down a dark path that could end tragically. Twenty years later, thoughts of yesterday still haunt Germaine, until an unexpected encounter leads her to the pearls of truth. Germaine just may have a second chance at love or finally free herself from the memories of a long time ago.

AT: Sounds so good I already 1-clicked! How can readers connect with you?
SH: You can connect with all social media from my website: 

AT: Any final words?
SH: Give my books a taste and you just may come back for more. 

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#Book Spotlight - There is Sunshine After the Rain

Creative Expressions Literary Services is pleased to announce Virtual Book Tour for There Is Sunshine After The Rain : Making It Through Life’s Struggles by Patricia A Saunders. The tour will run January 21-27, 2018.

Name: Patricia A. Saunders
Book Title: There Is Sunshine After The Rain : Making It Through Life’s Struggles
Release Date: December 20, 2017
Publisher: Book Baby
Genre: Non-Ficition
Page Count: 205
ASIN: B078J836Q3

About the Author

Self Published Author, Patricia A. Saunders was born and raised in Connecticut before relocating to the San Francisco Bay Area nearly 24 years ago. She received her Master’s in Management from the University of Phoenix in 2011. After the passing of her mother who had Alzheimer’s, Patricia decided that all the words that she kept to herself were to be released.

Saunders has released her fifth book an autobiography memoir infused with poetry (December 2017)  with BookBaby Publishing called There Is Sunshine After The Rain : Making It Through Life’s Struggles. The book will take the reader on a journey of a young child influences that shape her decisions as an adult. It is a must read that covers being raped multiple times,  a family that protects her,  how she wanted to die after the passing of her mother , and the people who would not give up on her!

Her work has been featured on a Coast to Coast Book Tour at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, Toronto Word On The Street, Sacramento Black Book Fair, Tucson Book Festival, Miami International Festival of Books and AARP Life@50+ Spring Convention. Also on In the Company of Poet, Women Owned Business Club Magazine, and Alysha Live! Radio Show and Coach Deb Bailey Secret of Success Talk Radio. She performs locally at spoken word events and Capital Jazz SuperCruise Open Mic with Grammy Award Winner Eric Roberson.

She is a monthly blogger of her own blog Blessed & Curvy who covers today’s hot topics.

She released her first self published book Through the Fire (March 2012) which covered emotions from situations, circumstances, and life lessons that have influenced her over her lifetime. On a mission to complete a book a year in case she inherits the ugly disease she released her second book Loving Me (2013) and third Let It Rain (2014) which is also self published and covers various topics from love, grief, self image, self esteem, bullying, and discovery of self love .Her fourth book (2016) This Too Shall Pass was released by AuthorHouse Publishing and readers have given it a five star rating.

In her spare time, Patricia enjoys writing poetry, traveling, spending time with family and wine tasting.


Sitting there with the pieces of your life around you, there seemed to be a pattern. There was faith, love, deceit, lust, and loss—in that order. You didn’t think you were deserving of love. That is why everything was being taken from you, and you were ready to give up on life.

Through your poetry, faith, and learning from your past, you can rewrite the story. It was after coming through all the experiences and being stronger, you realized there is always a new chapter.

The book will take you on the journey of a young girl growing up in Connecticut, who had to take some stumbles along the way to come into her own and realize instead of tearing herself down for the decisions she made, there is a lesson. Love is greater than anyone can imagine and can warm you like the sunshine after the rain.

You went from the beginning, the journey, the test, and the testimony to say, “There Is Sunshine after the Rain.”


Turn Back The Hands of Time
I am standing on the edge
Looking out at the land
The land where you farmed
The land where you broke your back to make a way
I look at your hands that are rugged, swollen, and show the scars
You never gave up because you said you wanted a better life for us
There was never an alarm clock to wake you
You didn’t complain about going to work because it was what you had to do
You talked about the amount of cotton you picked from sun up to sun down
You told the stories that your hands were raw until they bled
As I rode down the highways
Looking at the fields of cotton
My eyes welled up
I asked to stop the car
I got out and I breathed the air
I can only imagine
You shared the tales of having to drop out of school so that you could work the fields
I stretch out my hands now
Though they resemble yours, they have never worked in the field
My hands are smooth like a city girl
If I could turn back the hands of time
I would let you be the childhood boy
Experience the things that you missed growing up
I would let you go to school
You would be an architect
You always liked building things
I understand that I can’t
That was the road that you had to travel
The journey wasn’t always sweet
But if I could! I would! Turn back the hands of time

(c)2017 There Is Sunshine After The Rain

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