Wednesday, April 15, 2015

#WriterWednesday - #Poetry #BlackLivesMatter

Little Black Boy 

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Who will love the little black boy?
And teach him how to be a man?
Who will teach him to hold his head up and
square his shoulders?
Who will show him how to firmly shake a hand?

Who will praise his accomplishments and help
him reach his goals?
Who will tell him that he is strong and
Who will teach him to be bold?

Who will hug the little black boy and show him
that he is loved?
Who will encourage him, when this world
makes him feel unloved?

Who will teach him about the past, about the
struggles his people have faced?
Who will teach him to be proud of his skin?
Who will show him the history that many have
tried to erase?

Who will hold his hand as he stumbles through
Who will pick him up when he falls?
Who will teach him wrong from right?

Who will protect the little black boy from the
hatred that surrounds him?
Who will show him the path to take when
danger has found him?

Who will love the little black boy when he's
feeling all alone?
Who will cry with him or laugh with him?
Who will let him be a man and learn of life on
his own?

Who will love him when “being him” is out of
When just the color of his skin is to others so
very vile.

Who will cry for the black boy when his life is
cut short?
When senseless violence takes him away, but
there's no news report.

Who will pray for the black boy when it seems
all hope is gone?
Who will show him that he doesn't have to walk

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