Friday, September 25, 2015

#Book Tour - I’M LOSING YOU by Chicki Brown


Dr. Vic Stafford has an enviable career, a gorgeous wife, and two handsome, well-behaved sons. He travels extensively without his family, but after twelve years of marriage, former beauty queen wife, Ramona has become cold and distant. He suspects all isn’t as it seems and sets out to discover what is behind her attitude change.

Ramona Stafford has lived a privileged life since her marriage to Vic. She spends her time doing charity work and making her husband, who is now the chief of surgery at the largest hospital in the south, look good. Mona has everything most women would kill for, but it’s not enough. She wants more, and Vic seems unable to give it to her.



A few days later, Vic sat behind his desk engrossed in preparing for a meeting with the staff surgeons when Marv knocked on his door.
“Have you seen this?” he asked, holding a magazine.
He looked up. “No. What is it?”
“This month’s issue of Jezebel.”
“Not exactly my preferred reading, man, but Mona reads it sometimes.”
“I don’t think she’s anxious to show you this issue.”
Vic removed his glasses and closed the file he was reading. “Why?”
Marv crossed the office and put the open magazine atop the folder in the center of the desk. “Do you know this guy?”
He glanced down at the picture of a tall, dark-skinned man with his arm around Mona’s waist. In another shot, the man, who appeared to be in his twenties, was leaning against her so their shoulders touched, and he appeared to be whispering in her ear. Vic studied the photos, and it took a few moments for him to come up with a response. After he swallowed and took a deep breath, he closed the magazine and slid it back toward his friend as though he wasn’t in the least bit curious. “Nah, never seen him before, but Mona knows a lot of people I don’t, because she goes to so many of these events.” He gritted his teeth and kept his expression blank.
Who the hell is this guy with his hands on my wife? Vic wanted to hit something, but kept his fists balled up beneath the desk. Obviously, Mona and her companion hadn’t posed for these shots. The photographer had captured them unaware for these candid moments. He gritted his teeth and smiled at his friend and colleague. “I’ll need to swing by the store on the way home and pick up a copy for her.”
Marv picked up the magazine and frowned as though Vic had sprouted a third eye. “Okay, I’m headed out for lunch. Can you afford to leave for an hour?”

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  1. Glad to be here today, Adrienne! Thanks for giving me a day to share with your readers.

  2. Vic is a great actor. I'm glad he didn't whine and cry on Mar's shoulders. But he needs to sort out his marriage fast before he loses Mona to a man half his age.

    Great excerpt, Chicki.

    Nice blog, Adrienne.

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  4. Just finishef the Stratford Brothers series this morning. I loved the different twist on the challenges each couple faced and the way they were written. Can't wait for Cher & Nicks story. Tell Adrianne I said hello

  5. Congratulations, Sharyn! You're the winner, but I see you've read the whole series already. I can give you any other book from my backlist. Go to and choose then e-mail me at to let me know which one and whether you can a Kindle, Nook or Kobo copy.