Sunday, July 24, 2016

#SampleSunday - See Me, Too

Please enjoy another snippet from See Me, Too!!

He was a successful lawyer who, at sixty-plus years old, had passed retirement age but refused to retire. He loved his work, and since divorcing his wife of many years, he loved his life, too. But the guilt of what his son became, what his son was, ate at him on a daily basis. Therapy hadn’t helped him let go of the pain he experienced knowing he’d failed his only child. He dealt with the consequences of his actions nearly every second of every day—wondered if things would have been different had he dedicated more time to his family than he had his career. But back then, he’d felt an overwhelming desire to excel and succeed, to prove to his wealthy wife’s wealthy family that he was worthy of her hand. That he was more than a poor-white-trash Memphis boy from the wrong side of town, raised in a black community.
Even his love for David’s mother hadn’t been enough to make him change his ways. He’d taken the blessing of an unplanned pregnancy and used it to appease Jessica, to make her happy in some way. To this day he didn’t understand himself why he’d so desperately tried to be accepted into a family that looked down on him, or a wife he never really loved. He’d broken Mary’s heart when he took David from her. And at the same time, he’d sealed David’s fate. He’d ruined his brilliant son’s life.
He sighed, adjusted in his seat, and recited his therapist’s words in his mind: “You cannot change the past. You can only choose to make better choices in the present. That was what he’d spent the years since Olivia showed up at his office doing—helping others, giving his time and money to the David Moy foundation. But it didn’t feel like he was doing enough. At times, he wondered what would be enough to atone for what David did to Olivia. Would anything be enough?
He smiled as her name skated across his mind. The thought of the beautiful woman who had captured his son’s heart and become his muse always put a smile on his face. From the moment he laid eyes on her, he understood David’s obsession with her. His son’s words, which he had read countless times, came alive on the pages now that he had seen David’s Olivia in the flesh. There was definitely something about her, something that could drive men wild, make them want to possess her...

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