Wednesday, March 18, 2015

#WriterWednesday - Be Calm Be Brave Don't Be Afraid Book Tour with Imari Douthit

About The Book

Ally and Max are a sister and brother adventure team that helps towns in distress. When a rock lands in Ally’s bedroom to give them their mission, the duo is off to solve the problem. This mission has them going into the future and once the duo arrives they are in for a surprise. Will Ally and Max be able to save the town under siege? Or will they become the town’s next victims?

My Review

This was a cute little adventurous story penned by a talented young lady with a vivid imagination. This story follows a brother and sister duo, Max and Ally, as they embark on a journey to, ultimately, save the world. It did read as if it was the sequel to another book for me, but I do believe children will enjoy this book and if she works hard to hone her craft, this young author has a promising career ahead of her.

As a caveat to parents, I want to share that this book did include lots of magical realism and may not be appropriate for younger children.

3.5 Stars

About Imari Douthit

Imari Douthit is a young author wanting to entertain others through her words. She is a creative writer with an exciting and adventurous imagination. Imari’s love for story telling prompted her to become a published author. She resides in Indianapolis, Indiana with her family.

Facebook: Imari Douthit
Twitter: @imaridouthit

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