Wednesday, July 29, 2015

#WriterWednesday - The Emotional Journey from Inception to #Publishing (With Pictures)

I recently self-published my 18th book!! Hoooooray!!

I was thinking about the torture I seem to involuntarily, but automatically, put myself through with each publishing experience, and I thought I'd share the reality of what it really means to write and publish a book (at least, this is my reality).

Enjoy, and maybe even have a laugh or two at my expense...

1. The Bright Idea

A story idea hits me like lightening and it's a great idea--no, it's the best idea EVER and I can't wait to start writing!!

2. Blissful Creation

This is by far the best phase! I get to create people and spend time with them and make up all kinds of crazy scenarios. It truly is bliss for me!

3. What the $%^#@ did I write?

During this phase, I make the mistake of reading over what I've written, and almost invariably, it sounds like garbage to me. I want to delete it, but then I think about all of those words and how long it took me to write them and I decide to keep them... just in case.

4. The Rebound

During this phase, I regroup, reread, decide it wasn't garbage after all, and get back to writing. Usually a determination to finish the book springs up and propels me forward.

5. Completion Euphoria

I've completed the book, it's been edited, I've unleashed it  on the reading public, and am on cloud nine. I feel invincible! The book is a masterpiece! An instant bestseller!!

6. Crippling Publishing Regret

At this point, I come to full realization that my precious baby is now in the hands of readers... readers who might not like it. And then I decide that I shouldn't have done this... any of this! I shouldn't have written or published a book or worn these shoes or eaten that dip. Nothing I've done is right!!

7. Triumph

I finally receive a review, a glowing review, or a reader sends me an email or message stating how much they loved the book. The book is selling! And now, I can breathe. Maybe this whole publishing thing is worth the trouble after all!!

Can you relate to any of this journey? If so, leave me a comment!

Thanks for dropping by! Until later, be blessed!

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