Sunday, January 10, 2016

Final #SampleSunday from After the Pain

Here's the final sample from After the Pain before its release this Tuesday, Jan. 12. 


It was a peaceful walk, and I did feel myself relax as I wandered among the towering trees and listened to the rustling of leaves as small squirrels scurried about and birds fluttered from tree to tree. I became lost in thoughts of my life back home, my childhood, and my marriage. Thoughts of the handsome, copper-skinned Wade Ingram inundated my mind, and so lost was I in those thoughts that I lost awareness of my surroundings. So when I heard his voice, I was startled into paralysis. 

“Hi, there,” he said. 

I stood still, my heart pounding fiercely as if attempting to escape my chest. I turned and saw him sitting on the ground, his back against a tree as he twirled a stick around in his hand. Somehow, with sweat shimmering on his brow, he looked even more handsome. 

“Nice day for a walk,” he continued. 

I nodded, still glued to that spot on the path. “Yes, it is,” I managed to say. 

He sat there with a smile on his face, his eyes fixed on mine. In return, I stared at him, letting my eyes follow him as he got to his feet and slowly walked toward me. My breath caught in my throat when he stopped right in front of me...

Be sure to grab your copy on January 12!!!

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