Sunday, September 18, 2016

A #BeenSoLong #Interview with Cleo Williams AKA Gina Grant

I'm back with another Been So Long Series interview!! This time I'm chatting with Mona-Lisa's sister, Cleo! Don't forget to pre-order your Kindle copy of the book. The price will increase on release day!! 

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Cleo enters the room with a bright smile on her face. Her mass of hair is tamed into a ponytail. She is wearing a bright yellow sundress that complements her bronze complexion, and yellow sandals. I rise to greet her and her smile is infectious as she pulls me into a hug. She is absolutely lovely. As she takes her seat, I see her husband standing by the door. He is tall and strikingly handsome with piercing green eyes.

Me: Hi, Cleo. It's so good to see you.

Cleo: Thanks. It's a pleasure to chat with you today.

Me: Awesome. First, would your husband like to join us?

Cleo: (Looks at her husband who smiles and shakes his head) No, he's just here to support me. He doesn't want to join in on the interview.

Me: Okay, I'm glad he's here, too. Now, would you prefer to be called Gina or G rather than Cleo?

Cleo: Cleo is fine.

Me: All right... well, let's get to it. The first question is from reader La'chacha Crawford. She asks, were you scared running away at such a young age?

Cleo: (Nods) Yes, I was petrified. But I just needed some relief. I was so tired of my life. I thought the fear was worth it to live what I hoped would be a better life.

Me: But things didn't turn out quite the way you planned, did they?

Cleo: (Glances at her husband) Not exactly.

Me: Do you regret running away now?

Cleo: (Sighs) No, I don't.

Me: Really? After all you went through with Aaron's father?

Cleo: (Reclines in her seat and clasps her hands in her lap) Well, that was a hard time for me, and in a lot of ways, a much worse life than I had with my mother, but I have my son because of it. I met my husband because of my decision to run. The best things in my life came from that choice I made as a child. Sometimes we have to go through a storm to get to our oasis. Scott, our family. That's my oasis, my paradise.

Me: That's so beautiful. Ms. Crawford also asks if you sought out someone like Scott on purpose. Someone who is the opposite of Aaron's father.

Cleo: When we met, Scott found me, not the other way around. The only thing I was seeking was safety. God saw fit to give it to me in the form of love. (She and her husband smile at each other)

Me: You're a lucky woman.

Cleo: I'm a blessed woman.

Me: Amen to that. It must feel good to know a love like that.

Cleo: it's the best feeling in the world.

Me: Beautiful. Well, how are your kids? Especially Aaron.

Cleo: Wonderful. I have the greatest kids in the world, but what mom doesn't think that?

Me: (I chuckle) Right. Here's another question: You and your sister are so close. How was it reconnecting with her after all those years.

Cleo: It was a dream come true. Leaving her was the hardest thing for me. She is so important to me. She took care of me when she could barely take care of herself.

Me: You know, a lot of people don't like her.

Cleo: I know. She's not perfect, but who of us is? You know why I think people tend to dislike her?

Me: No, why?

Cleo: Because they see more of themselves in her than they care to admit.

Me: Really?

Cleo: Yes.

Me: So you don't think those two gorgeous men she keeps dangling have anything to do with it?

Cleo (Smiles) Maybe.

Me: Well, I don't want to keep you. Let's wrap up with this question: Is there anything you want readers to know about Been So Long 4?

Cleo: Hmm, well... Just that they can expect more drama. More of what they loved about the other books in the series.

Me: Sounds good.

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