Sunday, September 11, 2016

A #BeenSoLong #Interview with Dr. Wasif Masood

Today I'm interviewing Dr. Wasif Masood from the Been So Long Series in anticipation of the release of Been So Long 4. 

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***This interview contains spoilers for those who have not read the other books in the series***

Wasif enters the room with a smile and shakes my hand before settling in his seat. He is tall, thin and strikingly handsome with a neatly-trimmed beard and clad in slacks and an oxford shirt.

Me: Wasif, thanks so much for joining us. How are you?

Wasif: (nods slightly) My pleasure. And I'm great. You?

Me: I'm doing good (Especially with you sitting in front of me. Whew!) well, let's get right to it, shall we?

Wasif: Sure.

Me: The number one question from readers is: When are you going to let Mona go?

Wasif: Well, I have a question for them.

Me: Okay?

Wasif: I'd like to know if they've ever been in love and if so, how easy would it be for them to let it go?

Me: That's a good question. So, you still love her?

Wasif: I don't think you can stop loving someone if you really and truly love them, so yes.

Me: On behalf of reader Shan Mahogany, what's the appeal? In other words, why do you love her?

Wasif: Because being with her makes me happy.

Me: All right, I see.

Wasif: I know you don't get it, but there's a bond between us. A connection I really can't explain myself.

Me: Okay... well, here's the next burning question from readers. A lot of the ladies would like to date you. Are you on the market, so to speak, since you still have feelings for Mona-Lisa?

Wasif: (Flashes me a smile)

Me: You get this a lot, huh?

Wasif: (Chuckles) Um... I do. Just let the ladies know nothing is impossible. I enjoy a good date from time to time.

Me: They'll be glad to hear that. So, reader Sharyn Gray wants to know what made you want to lead a double life?

Wasif: (Furrows his brow) Double life?

Me: I think she's referring to you continuing your relationship with Mona during your marriage.

Wasif: (Lifts brows)  Oh? Well... It wasn't a conscious decision. I loved her and needed her. I-uh-couldn't let her go.

Me: I see. What about your wife?

Wasif: Ex-wife.

Me: I'm sorry, ex-wife. Did you consider her feelings?

Wasif: (Frowns) Of course I did. I never threw anything in her face. I respected her.

Me: Do you think you respected Mona?

Wasif: I have always given her the utmost respect! What is this, anyway? An interview or an interrogation? (He has raised his voice and is visibly angry.)

Me: I'm sorry if I've upset you. I'm simply trying to understand. And I'm trying to help the readers understand.

Wasif: Can we move on?

Me: Sure. Ms. Mahogany asks: Did you get engaged to Ann just to make Mona jealous?

Wasif: (Eyes widen) What? No, I genuinely cared about her and wanted things to work out.

Me: But they didn't?

Wasif: No, unfortunately. She's moved on. I'm happy for her.

Me: Good. Another question from Ms. Mahogany--

Wasif: She asks a lot of questions.

Me: (I chuckle) Yes, she does. This time she wants to know how your relationship with your parents is, specifically your father?

Wasif: Things could be better with my father. My mother and I are as close as we can be,

Me: How are your kids?

Wasif: They're good, great. Look, I didn't mean to raise my voice earlier, but it felt like I was being made out to be the bad guy or something. I'm not. You can't choose who you love. I made the best of a bad situation. I didn't run from my responsibilities.

Me: What about Corey?

Wasif: (Straightens in his chair) What about him?

Me: Do you think you've treated him fairly?

Wasif: What is that supposed to mean? He shouldn't even be in our lives. He took Mona from me, I--(shakes his head) this is not what I came here for. We're supposed to be talking about Been So Long 4.

Me: Um... Okay, what do you want to tell the readers about Been So Long 4.

Wasif: (Looking a bit defeated) Read it. Just... Read it.

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