Sunday, September 25, 2016

A #BeenSoLong #Interview with Mona-Lisa Sanders

This is the final interview before the release of Been So Long 4 and today I'm chatting with Mona-Lisa!! Be sure to CLICK HERE to pre-order your copy of Been So Long 4 and enjoy the interview!!

****MAJOR Spoiler Alert for those who haven't read the other books in the series!!****

Mona-Lisa enters the room wearing a black, wrap-style dress and black heels. Her figure is enviable and she is breathtakingly pretty with bright green eyes and curly hair that frames her full face. She gives me a small smile as she shakes my hand and takes her seat. 

Me: Welcome and thanks so much for chatting with me today!

Mona: Thanks for inviting me. I'm glad to be able to share my side of things.

Me: Okay, sounds good. First, will your husband be joining us today?

Mona: (Shakes her head.) No, just me.

Me: How is he? It's been a couple of weeks since we spoke.

Mona: (Smiles) He's wonderful.

Me: Good. Well, let's get to it. I have a lot of questions for you today from my readers.

Mona: I bet you do.

Me: Yes, and the first question is from Arlisha Myrie. She asks: Who do you really want, or better yet, who does your heart want--Corey of Wasif?

Mona: (Eyes widen a bit) Um, I want and love my husband.

Me: So you don't love Wasif?

Mona: I didn't say that.

Me: So you do love him?

Mona: A part of me will always love him. But I love Corey.

Me: You love Corey more?

Mona: (Visibly irritated) I love my husband. I want to be with him. Can we move on? You're starting to beat a dead horse here.

Me: Okay... Ms. Myrie also wants to know how it feels to have twins with different fathers.

Mona: It feels like I have 2 wonderful, exceptional sons who are complete gentlemen who happen to have different fathers. I mean, what is she getting at anyway?

Me: I'm just the messenger here.

Mona: Um-hmm. Next question.

Me: All right, her next question is, do you think your mom influenced the way you live your life or make decisions?

Mona: Well, yeah. Whose life isn't influenced by the people who raised them? Is her life influenced by her mother?

Me: Do you think your mom's influence was a negative one?

Mona: Have you met my mother? See anything positive there?

Me: Not really.

Mona: There's your answer.

Me: I see, um... Ms. Myrie asks: What is it about Wasif that has you head over heels for him...because he is so different from Corey.

Mona: I'm not head over heels for him. Next.

Me: But--

Mona: (Raises eyebrows) Next question, please.

Me: (I sigh) Okay, Ms. Myrie asks--

Mona: No, I'm done answering questions for Ms. Myrie. What'd she do, send you a book of questions? Let's move on.

Me: All right, uh... here's one from La'chacha Crawford. Do you find your life amusing? In other words, do you ever sit back and think about your life and laugh at the insanity of it all?

Mona: My life is my life. I don't find it amusing or crazy. I find it wonderful for the most part.

Me: So you don't find being in love with 2 men, having 4 kids divided among the same 2 men, and everything in between a bit crazy?

Mona: I'm not in love with 2 men.

Me: Okay, okay. Here's another question: um... Tonja Tate asked, and I quote, "Why do you have to be a 'ho' all the time?"

Mona: (Stares at me and then bursts into laughter) I'm not and have never been a ho. I have had long-term relationships with 2 men who loved me and took care of me. I, in turn, loved and took care of them. I am a mother, a wife, definitely not a ho. You wanna meet a ho, go dig my mother up.

Me: But don't you think you kind of take after her?

Mona: Hell. No.

Me: Okaaaaay... Moving on. La'chacha also would like to know why you don't have any friends.

Mona: Females tend to dislike me. (Shrugs) I have no idea why. Doesn't bother me. I don't trust many people anyway. My sister and I are close. I couldn't ask for a better friend than her.

Me: It's so good that you're close. I'm glad you reconnected.

Mona: (Smiles warmly): Me, too.

Me: (I return her smile) So, Nicole Sharon has a couple of questions. They are: Why aren't you in counseling? Where's your accountability partners?

Mona: Is she serious?

Me: I believe so.

Mona: (Releases a frustrated sigh) Are these folks readers or terrorists? Because all they've been doing is attacking me.

Me: I take it you don't want to answer her questions?

Mona: No, I'll answer them. I'm just saying... Tell her I'm fine.

Me: That's it?

Mona: That's it.

Me: Okay...

Mona: I think I want to answer Ms. Tyree's other questions now.

Me: Ms. Myrie?

Mona: Yeah, her.

Me: Okay. Here they are: Do you want anymore kids with Corey? Do you think you and Corey's mom will ever see eye to eye? It seems like your life is wrapped around your kids and your spouse and Wasif; what do you want to do for you? And is Wasif available since you're technically taken?

Mona: I'd love to give Corey a basketball team full of kids, but I'm not getting any younger. I think we'll stop at the four we have. As far as his mom, we get along fine as long as she leaves me alone. I'm not wrapped up in Wasif, for her information. I love to read and decorate and watch movies and make love to my man. Those are the things I do for myself. And as far as Wasif being available... I guess.

Me: You guess?

Mona: Yes, I guess.

Me: Well, there were a couple of questions about Corey, but I think we'll omit those.

Mona: (Smiles) Someone likes my hubby?

Me: Very much so.

Mona: I understand why. I'm glad he's mine. (Winks)

Me: (I chuckle) Is there anything you want to tell the readers about Been So Long 4?

Mona: Get ready.

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  1. hilarity! Mona is something else! Can't wait til the book release!